Wendy Williams: Drops Jaws With Boy Toy – From Frying Pan Into Fire?

Wendy Williams had a tumultuous year so far and it looks like she may be in for another wild ride with a new love interest half her age. On Wednesday’s The Talk, Wendy Williams’ new boyfriend was the topic of conversation. While Wendy dating a younger man isn’t too much of a concern, there’s something else about her new guy, Marc Tomblin. It seems there’s a felony record attached to her new flame which has some of her fans worried.

Wendy Williams: Boy Toy of 27 for the Talk Show Host of 54

While it looks like she may be bouncing back, fans worry about her. As Wendy’s divorce with her husband Kevin Hunter continues, she gets emotional when talking about it. It’s been a rocky road for Wendy Williams as she also did a stint in rehab earlier this year. But with a new boyfriend half her age who also has a felony record in tow, she’s raised eyebrows once again.

Wendy Williams, 54, was spotted with a mystery man earlier this week but now his identity emerged. Reports indicate he’s 27-year-old Marc Tomblin. Also, the same reports say that this guy is a convicted felon.

The media outlets are showing side-by-side headshots of the ever stylish Wendy Williams and Marc Tomblin, her young new boyfriend, . But his pic is a mugshot. A few comments suggested online today that maybe that should be one of the first red flags for the controversial host.

Mutual Friend Introduces Them – Looks LIke They’re Inseparable?

It looks like a mutual friend, Blac Chyna, introduced Wendy and Tomblin. If Blac Chyna sounds familiar to you, she is the mother of Rob Kardashian’s daughter.

Reports indicate Marc Tomblin comes with a conviction for robbery with a dangerous weapon. This crime took place back in 2013. He was also convicted of a break-in, which is also listed as a felony conviction on his record. Both crimes occurred in North Carolina within a year of each other.

It seems Wendy Williams was not aware of his criminal record when questioned by the media. But she is going to continue seeing him even now that she knows. She said she’s a grown woman who knows what she’s doing.

The two were first spotted out and about in LA this week. Tomblin also traveled with Wendy Williams to New York. They appeared in pictures as they strolled through various parts of the Big Apple.

Wendy Williams Boyfriend Marc Tomblin Comes With Felony in Tow

When The View showed a clip of Wendy Williams on their show, she was having a meltdown. Wendy’s emotions overflowed when asked about her on-going divorce from Kevin Hunter. From her reaction, it looks she’s still a bit raw over her marriage demise.

Before Marc Tomblin’s identity emerged, Wendy Williams teased her followers online with a picture of her cuddling up to a new love interest. But she didn’t show his face. So the guessing game began with many assuming she was cuddling with a DJ who works on her show.

DJ Boof was quick to dispel those rumors. While Wendy’s fans online want to see her find happiness especially after the split from her husband, some convey worry. Her on-going divorce came with news of Kevin having a long-time mistress, which was an emotional time for Wendy. Some followers worry she’s a bit vulnerable today.

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