‘Welcome to Plathville’: Why Isn’t Hosanna Plath on the Show?

Welcome to Plathville eldest daughter Hosanna Plath isn’t a part of the popular reality show and fans want to know why.

Welcome to Plathville: Where is Hosanna Plath?

When Welcome to Plathville started, viewers heard that Kim and Barry Plath had nine children. But, only eight appeared on the show. And when Kim introduced the kids, she called Ethan Plath the oldest and moved on down the line. Fans were confused until Hosanna Plath was briefly mentioned. But, her existence still seemed to be quickly glossed over. And fans wondered what her story was. And if the Plath’s were embarrassed by their daughter.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Hosanna Plath was the oldest in the group. And she was a part of the family’s Southern Gospel Band. But, in 2019, Hosanna got married shortly before Welcome to Plathville began filming. Hosanna and husband Timothy Noble moved to Ohio and still live there.

Since the couple lived so far away, it didn’t make sense for them to be a part of the Welcome to Plathville show. And the duo also didn’t have a lot of extra time. Hosanna played the violin and her husband Timothy played the piano. So the two traveled a lot for concerts. But there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood or conflict with the Plath’s.

Welcome to Plathville: Barry Plath - Kim Plath

Hosanna Plath Pregnant

Recently, fans got an unexpected update on Hosanna Plath. On an episode of Welcome to Plathville, Lydia Plath asked about getting a cellphone. And her parents pushed back and asked her reasons for needing one. Lydia talked about her siblings and said that she wanted to be able to call or text them. And that included her sister Hosanna, who she said she rarely got to talk to. Even though the scene was more about Lydia’s request, viewers learned that Hosanna Plath was pregnant.

During the conversation, Kim Plath sat and tried to figure out how to do a video call on her phone. She kept interrupting Lydia and asked how to do things. Lydia said she didn’t know. And husband Barry said they wanted to do a video chat with Hosanna because she was pregnant. He also used Kim’s trouble with the smartphone to tell Lydia that she needed to learn how to use, “dumb technology” before she would need a smartphone.

Welcome to Plathville: Hosanna Plath Noble - Kim Plath

Welcome to Plathville: Plath Family Visits Daughter

It seemed that Hosanna Plath still had some contact with her family. And was in good standing with her parents. Then, Hosanna had a baby shower in Ohio. And it looked like the Plath’s decided to go for a visit. Pictures of Kim Plath with a very pregnant Hosanna recently appeared online. Welcome to Plathville daughter Lydia was also in photos with her sister. Whether the whole clan went for the visit or just those two members is unknown.

Still Close with Family?

So, although Hosanna isn’t a part of Welcome to Plathville, she is obviously still close with her family. And didn’t have the same conflict with the Plath parents that Ethan, Micah, and Moriah faced. In fact, Hosanna seems to be happy with her upbringing. And with her current lifestyle, which is somewhat similar to her parents.

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