‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Moriah Plath’s Music Career Takes Off

Welcome to Plathville spoilers for Moriah Plath’s music career suggest it’s finally taking off for her. The fan-favorite young reality star aspires to be a singer and songwriter. But, does she have what it takes? With the next step happening for Moriah, things look promising on the TLC show.

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath Records Her Song

In a recent spoiler for Welcome to Plathville, Moriah Plath got the chance to live out one of her dreams. She said multiple times throughout the season that she wanted to be a professional singer and songwriter. And Moriah’s been clear that she hopes to be able to have a career in the music industry someday.

Now, it looks like she might be on her way to making that happen. In the season finale of Welcome to Plathville, fans will see that Moriah Plath got the opportunity to visit a recording studio. And she got the chance to record one of her original songs that she wrote. Moriah said that she hoped that this would be the first step to launching her music career.

And this gave her a taste of what that a career in her dream industry would be like. Moriah Plath said she felt excited and nervous, but that she got it done. So, this might be the launchpad for us to Moriah busy making music on the next season of Welcome to Plathville.

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath

Moriah’s Love of Music

From the first season of Welcome to Plathville, fans knew that Moriah Plath loved music. In fact, that’s likely how TLC found the Plath family and offered them the shot to have their own reality show. Moriah and her siblings formed a southern gospel band. And the Plath group traveled to different churches all around the South to perform.

Their family band had a website to promote them and showed videos of their performances. So, you can bet that’s part of what drew TLC to the Plath family. Throughout the two seasons of the show, viewers watched Moriah Plath play the guitar, sing, and write her music. She and her Welcome to Plathville siblings, Micah and Ethan also had a band.

And Ethan’s wife, Olivia, was involved too. The group got together to practice on a couple of different episodes. And they even tried to get Isaac to join them. Olivia encouraged Moriah Plath to show them the songs she wrote, so they could play and sing them together, as seen on Welcome to Plathville.

Welcome to Plathville: Plath Family

Welcome to Plathville: What’s Next?

Moriah Plath seemed to be one of the most ambitious of the Welcome to Plathville children. Although viewers watched her rebel against her parents’ restrictions and rules, Moriah was just trying to assert her independence. And she didn’t like the type of school work that Kim Plath assigned her as part of homeschooling. But that didn’t mean Moriah wasn’t a hard worker.

In fact, when Moriah moved out of the Welcome to Plathville household, she got two jobs. And she was only 17 at the time. But, Moriah worked hard to make ends meet. And she supported herself without any help from her parents. At the same time, she continued to work on her music in the hopes that she could have a career in music.

So, it seems the opportunity to record her music could be a really big step in her life. And this might be the first step leading Moriah Plath to the future she always wanted and her dreams coming true. We’ll update you here on what’s next for the songbird.

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