‘Welcome to Plathville’: Olivia Plath Features Alcohol in Rebrand – Will In-Laws Freak?

Welcome to Plathville fan favorite, Olivia Plath, wife of Ethan Plath, recently revealed she a cocktail inspired her upcoming rebranding. But given her in-laws’ strict rules on alcohol (among many other things), will this trigger more discord with Barry and Kim Plath?

Welcome to Plathville: Olivia Plath’s Inspired by Alcohol – Flies in Face of In-Laws’ Family Values?

Olivia Plath talked a lot recently about rebranding her company. And she took a business-themed cocktail quiz while brainstorming ideas. This quiz matches the person with an alcoholic drink that represents their creativity and personality. The Welcome to Plathville star’s result was a watermelon margarita. Olivia said she felt thrilled with that answer. She loved margaritas and what they represent.

But given that her estranged in-laws, Barry and Kim, don’t like their kids drinking soda, much less booze, is this another looming issue? Excited Olivia Plath said margaritas are “sassy, summery, and spirited.” And she says that describes her perfectly. So, the pro-photographer used the boozy drink as the theme for her brand.

Olivia chose a watermelon margarita specifically. And she said she’ll use that as her inspiration for the colors and personality of her new website. And that she added a “little sass and spunk” to it as well. Then, Olivia Plath said she even included a recipe for the cocktail on her website. Plus, Olivia from Welcome to Plathville showed a pic of one of the drinks in her hand. What will the in-laws think?

Welcome to Plathville: Olivia Plath

Olivia Plath Remaking Herself for 2021

Although Olivia announced the rebrand months ago, she built it up slowly. And the reveal will happen this month. On one episode of Welcome to Plathville, she planned a special photo session for her new website. And she explained that she started her company very young. And that she’s grown so much and her talent has grown.

Plus, Olivia Plath said that her style changed as she learned more about herself. She wanted to do the rebrand so that clients would get a better idea of what to expect from her services. Olivia also said that the pandemic really gave her time to think. And it helped her to realize that she could rebuild her business in a better way.

Her Welcome to Plathville husband, Ethan Plath, supported her along the way. He even went to California with her to do one of the photoshoots. And he said that he was very proud of Olivia Plath. Ethan said that she worked very hard to build her career. Despite her professional success, they’re further estranged from his ultra-conservative parents. And this alcohol-themed rebrand might worse things.

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath - Olivia Plath

Welcome to Plathville: One More Dig at the Plaths?

Fans wondered if using alcohol to represent her brand was a dig at Ethan’s Welcome to Plathville parents. After all, Ethan Plath’s family didn’t approve of alcohol at all. And they made that very clear to the couple on multiple occasions. Olivia Plath seemed to try to flout the family’s restrictions and values as often as possible.

So, viewers thought this might be one more way that Olivia was distancing herself from the Plaths. But, Olivia Plath never mentioned the Welcome to Plathville family. However, that doesn’t mean they weren’t on her mind when she was remaking her company’s theme. As she said, this is something Olivia wanted to do to recreate her own image and style.

Just like when she changed her hair color and got a tattoo and navel piercing. So, whether Ethan’s parents like or not, Olivia’s committed to her new vision. It’s clear Ethan and Olivia have very different values than his parents — and they are carving their own path away from the strict Plaths.

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