‘Welcome to Plathville’: Olivia Plath Estranged from Sister

Welcome to Plathville star Olivia Plath no longer has a relationship with her younger sister, Lydia Grace. Olivia’s family was not a part of the reality show. And she rarely mentioned them. But, when pictures of her family were shown, one sister was blurred out.

Welcome to Plathville: Who is Olivia Plath?

Olivia Plath is well known for her role on the hit TLC show Welcome to Plathville. The reality series followed the Plath family and showcased their way of life. Kim and Barry Plath raised their nine children on a rural farm in Georgia. The two sheltered their children from the outside world. Kim Plath and husband Barry restricted all technology, such as TV, radio, video games, and internet. And they also restricted their diets. So, the Plath children didn’t have soda or any kind of sugar except from natural sources such as honey. On top of that, Kim taught the children at home instead of sending them to school.

The eldest of the siblings, Ethan Plath, married and moved off the Welcome to Plathville farm with his wife, Olivia. Although she was home schooled and raised in a similar environment, her parents was not as strict. Because of this, Olivia Plath introduced her husband Ethan to all sorts of new experiences, like soda and beer. And she hired Ethan’s younger sister Moriah Plath to be her assistant. Then, Olivia took Moriah on a work trip to California, which expanded Moriah’s views on life.

Welcome to Plathville: Barry Plath - Kim Plath

Conflict Between Kim Plath and Olivia

The Welcome to Plathville mom didn’t approve of Olivia. Kim Plath really disliked Ethan’s wife. And the conflict between the two grew throughout the show. The Plath parents refused to allow Ethan and Olivia to visit the younger siblings when they weren’t around. They felt they needed to be there to supervise. And they told Ethan he was welcome over anytime. But not if he brought his wife. Olivia wanted to help the younger children. Because she believed they weren’t prepared for the real world.

Then, the married couple confronted the Welcome to Plathville parents. They felt their behavior towards Olivia Plath was disrespectful. Kim said that she and Barry Plath felt that Olivia created resentment in the kids towards their parents. And that she was a bad influence on them. Kim believed that she overstepped her bounds. Especially when she nurtured Moriah’s independence. After the first season ended, Olivia and Ethan Plath no longer had any contact with the Plaths.

Welcome to Plathville: Olivia Plath

Olivia Plath Protects Her Family

Recently, the sister of Olivia Plath, Lydia Grace, set up an interview. She wanted to speak out about her upbringing in a fundamentalist home. And, she wanted to talk about how she escaped from that life. But, Welcome to Plathville‘s Olivia Plath, reached out to the interviewer. And she asked them not to go through with the interview. Then Olivia revealed that she and Lydia Grace hadn’t spoken for years. And that they were estranged and no longer had any type relationship. So, she didn’t feel she could talk to her sister about the issue.

So instead, Olivia Plath went straight to the interviewer instead of asking Lydia herself. She explained that she wanted to protect her family from publicity. And that her parents and siblings were private people. When Olivia chose to do Welcome to Plathville, her parents didn’t want to have anything to do with it. So, she felt that her sister would violate her family’s wishes by doing the interview. And Lydia eventually agreed. Lydia said that she never intended to hurt the family. She just wanted to tell her own story. But, that it wasn’t the right time to do that.

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