‘Welcome to Plathville’: Olivia Plath Asks Fans to Hold Her Accountable

Welcome to Plathville star Olivia Plath (wife of Ethan Plath) recently asked her fans to hold her accountable on her goals for the year.

Welcome to Plathville: Olivia’s Resolutions

Olivia Plath recently said that she doesn’t let to make New Year’s resolutions. She told her Welcome to Plathville followers that too many things can happen in the first couple of weeks. And that she likes to take her time before she makes a commitment. Olivia brought up the pandemic and the havoc it wreaked on most people’s 2020 resolutions as an example of why she likes to wait a bit and, “see what the universe pops out” before creating her own.

Then, Olivia Plath went on to say that she wanted to create realistic goals for her Welcome to Plathville future. And make sure they were ones that she knew she could achieve in 2021. She listed out her resolutions on her post. They all were along the personal growth theme. And learning to accept yourself and change. Olivia said that she wanted to use the last year’s lessons to learn and grow as a person. So she asked her fans to help keep her accountable and said she was lucky to be able to grow with her audience.

Welcome to Plathville: Olivia Plath - Ethan Plath

Olivia Plath’s 2020 Struggles

Last year brought about a lot of changes for Olivia. Viewers watched as she and Ethan Plath tried to distance themselves from his Welcome to Plathville family. And rebuild and rekindle their own marriage.The couple tried new experiences together, hoping that that would bring them closer. And strengthen their bond. They got matching tattoos, had a couples massage, and went to see a Tantric expert. During each, they communicated and worked through some of their issues.

Besides their relationship struggles, Olivia Plath’s business dropped drastically, especially when the first pandemic lock-downs began. As a wedding photographer, the pandemic really put a dent in her career. Clients cancelled or rescheduled their weddings, to avoid gathering in large groups. And the lack of income put a bit of a strain on the Welcome to Plathville pair. But, Olivia got to shoot some weddings, with extra restrictions and precautions in place. And she said that she used that time to work on a rebrand for her company.

Welcome to Plathville: Olivia Plath

Welcome to Plathville: Starting the Year Off Right

Olivia Plath planned to launch her new, updated website early in 2021. And the Welcome to Plathville photographer posted previews and glimpses of what the rebrand will look like. Olivia wanted to be able to connect more personally with her clients. She believed that this would lead to better comfort levels and quality photos for the newlyweds that she worked with. So she tried to create a theme that would really resonate with engaged couples.

Using her social media, Olivia Plath gained quite a following. And the rebrand of her Welcome to Plathville company seems to be a success. In fact, Olivia recently posted that all of her 2021 weekends were completely booked. And she said that she only had a few openings for weekday weddings left. With a thriving career and the gains she and Ethan Plath have made in their relationship, it looks like things are going in a positive direction for Olivia.

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