‘Welcome to Plathville’: Kim Plath Chocolate Scene the Real Deal or Scripted Reality?

Welcome to Plathville star Kim Plath allowed her children to try chocolate for the first time as a “cultural experience” with reality cameras rolling. The Plath family enforces a strict, no sugar rule in their household, but a visit with friends convinced Kim to let the kids have a taste.

Welcome to Plathville: Strict Family Values

The Plath family of eleven once lived in rural Georgia on a farm. Kim and Barry Plath raised their kids with strict rules that sheltered them from the world. The Welcome to Plathville parents believed that they protected the children from making the same mistakes they made as young adults. In the first season, viewers were introduced to the family’s background story.

Kim Plath restricted all technology, such as TV, internet, video games, and radio. Kim occasionally allowed them to watch educational videos. Or she’d let the kids use the internet for school, but always under supervision. Kim also homeschooled the Welcome to Plathville children. And she restricted their diet.

Barry and wife Kim Plath didn’t allow the children to have any sugar, except for honey. Kim believed that they raised their offspring to be healthy. And instilled in them better values than they had when they were young. But were they really as strict as we’re seeing on Welcome to Plathville on TLC?

Welcome to Plathville: Plath Family

The Plath Clan Started to Change

Through the first season, Welcome to Plathville viewers watched as the older kids started to rebel against the rules. Ethan Plath married before the show and moved out with his wife, Olivia. The duo encouraged the younger siblings to try new things, like soda. In one episode, Micah Plath took the little ones to the store and bought ice cream and root beer.

And then, he made the Welcome to Plathville kids a root beer float. Fans commented on how nice it was to see the siblings enjoy themselves. When the second season began, fans saw a change happening in the older Plaths, as well. For one, Kim and husband Barry Plath had moved to a house in the city. And two of the children moved out on their own, leaving Kim Plath and their dad behind.

Welcome to Plathville‘s Micah and Moriah Plath begged their parents to prepare the younger children for the real world. They didn’t feel like they had been given that themselves. Kim and Barry Plath said they felt bad that their children felt that way. And Barry actually made the effort and gave his son, Isaac, “the talk.”

Welcome to Plathville: Lydia Plath

Kim Plath Justifies Chocolate Consumption

Welcome to Plathville info said the younger Plath kids were allowed to have chocolate. And that it was their very first experience with it. The Plaths visited with Australian friends, who introduced them to chocolate biscuits. At first, Kim Plath refused to allow the children to have the “rare chocolate from Australia.”

Welcome to Plathville‘s Kim Plath claimed that the family didn’t eat sugar. And she asked if they would all drink the accompanying milk out of the jug. After assurance that they would pour the milk in glasses, Barry Plath said it was a special occasion. Then, Kim Plath talked about how the chocolate biscuits were a native food for Australians.

Kim, the Welcome to Plathville mom, wanted her children to experience other cultures. So, Kim let the kids have some chocolate under the guise of giving them a “cultural taste.” Lydia Plath and her younger siblings can be seen enjoying this once in a lifetime treat on the next episode of the show. However, it’s pretty hard to believe that the kids never had it before – so wait and see.

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