‘Welcome to Plathville’: Ethan Plath Gets First Massage – Awkward?

Welcome to Plathville star Ethan Plath, got his first ever massage. And it was an awkward experience for all those involved.

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan’s First Massage

A recent Welcome to Plathville leak showed Ethan Plath got a couples massage with his wife Olivia Plath. Olivia thought it would be something fun and relaxing that the two could experience together. But, Ethan said he felt very uncomfortable.

Ethan Plath’s unease started immediately when he walked out and saw two women. And, Ethan told Olivia that he expected he would have a man and Olivia would have a woman. Ethan said it seemed strange to have a women touching him that wasn’t his wife.

Things only got worse as Ethan Plath laid down for the massage. He talked incessantly while it was happening. And Olivia Plath said that every time she tried to relax, Ethan Plath would say something awkward.

So, Olivia said it would pull her out of her relaxation zone. At one point, the Welcome to Plathville eldest son asked the massage therapist if she only worked on people or if she worked on animals. Olivia burst out laughing and told him he was crazy.

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath - Olivia Plath

Massage Therapist Dished Dirt on Ethan Plath

After the massage was said and done, the massage therapists did an interview for Welcome to Plathville. And the woman that worked on Ethan Plath said he made the situation very awkward. Then, she said he asked some strange questions. She also said the experience was pretty uncomfortable. And when asked about massaging his feet, she said that there was definitely a smell.

Before the Welcome to Plathville pair went out for the massage, Ethan Plath said that he was worried that his feet smelled. And he said that during the massage, he could definitely tell there was a nasty odor coming from them. However, when the massage therapist asked him if he wanted her to massage his feet, Olivia answered for him. And she told her that Ethan loved to have his feet rubbed. Ethan tried to say they were ticklish to get her to back off, but it was too late.

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath - Olivia Plath

Welcome to Plathville: Plath Couple Closer Than Ever

Earlier in the popular reality show, the duo had some marriage problems. But, they’ve committed to making it work. So, the two started counseling. And they’ve tried new things together to help them grow closer. The couples massage is just one way that the Welcome to Plathville pair have solidified their bond.

Ethan Plath also cut off all ties to his Welcome to Plathville parents. Because Kim and Barry Plath didn’t treat Olivia well. And it was part of the conflict between the two. Ethan Plath and his wife also made an offer on a house that’s a little further away. So they had a little more space to focus on their marriage, without running into his family. Olivia also managed to talk Ethan Plath into into getting a couples tattoo. And Ethan actually went through with it.

Although the massage didn’t go as smoothly as the Welcome to Plathville duo would have liked, it served its purpose. And the pair created one more funny memory to share together. Will their marriage last?

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