‘Vanderpump Rules’ Katie Maloney Irritates Fans – Twitterati Tell Her To grow Up

Vanderpump Rules saw Katie Maloney making a big drama that irritated fans of the Bravo show in the latest episode Sunday night. Twitterati slammed Katie, telling her to grow up and fans want Lisa Vanderpump to fire her. Lisa may have to dump her after an ultimatum came out – James Kennedy or Katie Maloney must go.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ fans note Katie Maloney started the drama

Reality TV stars should know that hawk-eyed fans never miss an instant. While Katie Maloney raged about James Kennedy fat-shaming her in the workplace, those Vanderpump Rules followers pointed out that she started the drama. Now, nobody seems to like James the DJ these days, but Katie’s no Miss Innocent when to comes to dishing and dissing. However, it seems she simply can’t handle it when it’s dished back on Vanderpump Rules

Katie Maloney snitched about James Kennedy putting her down, but it never went amiss to followers of PumpRules that she left out the bit where she started in on him first. In fact, she went at him about his pants and body and yet she’s upset she got a reaction? As @je_house pointed out, “She made comments about James’ shorts and body too. Body shaming should not be tolerated not ANY form male OR female.”

Twitterati tell Katie on PumpRules to grow up

Basically, most people came across as very irritated by Katie Maloney. While they agree that any type of shaming is the workplace is wrong, so too is baiting your co-workers. Let’s face it, Katie’s been an uber-bitch over the seasons. How often have we seen her revile others on the show? In a perfect world, James Kennedy would probably just ignore her, but the world’s not perfect and he dished it right back. He promises to do better and then makes the same mistakes. Sure, he says he won’t ever drink again, then he does. But he gets a lot of hate and Katie dishes a lot of it.

Fans of Vanderpump Rules told Katie Maloney on Twitter that she needs to grow up. She is a grown woman after all. She did put on some weight. So what? As @_Juuddy noted, “Oh my god he calls you fat so what you’re a grown women get over it I’m like the biggest bitchwalking and get called fat all the time it’s not gonna kill you [sic].” As much as James grows more unpopular with followers of PumpRules, fans also grow tired of this type of drama.

Vanderpump Rules: James Kennedy baited but drama when he bites back?

Katie Maloney throwing a drama about James Kennedy riled more than a few people. @WacoWeavey put it in a nutshell, saying “No one cares if you’re a female or married, keep your mouth shut and you won’t be insulted…you can’t start a fire and then when he reacts, get pissed b/c how high the flames have gotten. When you decide to go there, ALL RULES ARE OFF, GIRL OR BOY, NO RULES.”

Of course, Vanderpump Rules viewers always take either side of any of the drama’s concocted on the show. Therefore, some people agreed that Katie needs to make stand about fat-shaming in the workplace. The Twitter users slammed Katie when she took it to Lisa Vanderpump. The ultimatum didn’t sit well with followers. In fact, some of them said Lisa should fire both of them.

What do you think of Katie Maloney’s ultimatum to Lisa Vanderpump that either James Kennedy goes, or she will? Do you think Lisa will stand for that? What about James? Will he cry his eyes out again next episode?

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