‘Unexpected’: What Does Chloe Mendoza Do for a Living?

Unexpected star Chloe Mendoza is known for her appearance on the TLC show about teen pregnancy. Since being on TV, she has made a few changes in her life. She is no longer with Max Schenzel, and she attends college. But, what does Chloe do for a living?

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza Paid for TLC Appearance

Chloe Mendoza shared her life as a pregnant teen in seasons two and three of TLC’s Unexpected. She and her then-boyfriend, Max Schenzel, have a daughter together named Ava. Chloe and Max weren’t able to make their relationship last. It didn’t help that Max had an addiction to drugs and has been in and out of jail. Max and Chloe have called it quits, which also goes for their involvement with reality television.

The Unexpected young mother believes that she doesn’t have a “normal teen mom life.” Chloe Mendoza was on a reality television show and got paid to be a part of the cast. However, it doesn’t seem like the money was worth continuing with filming for another season. Chloe is no longer a part of the cast, which means she doesn’t get paid by the network anymore. But, she has found another way to make an income. And it is all thanks to the show.

Unexpected Spoilers: Chloe Mendoza

Chloe Earns Her Own Living

Chloe Mendoza was grateful for being a part of the show. She said that it has given her many opportunities and a platform. The Unexpected castmate has taken that platform and turned it into an income. She currently makes online content for a living. She said that making videos for her viewers is her only job at the moment. According to Chloe, she makes more doing this than what she was making at her last job. She previously worked part-time at Sonic.

However, the Unexpected reality star does get a lot of help from her relatives. Chloe Mendoza said that she has a very supportive family. She is also currently living at home. So, she doesn’t have to worry about coming up with money every month for rent. Chloe said that she can survive on what she makes at the moment. But, she knows that making money from her videos isn’t going to last forever.

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza - Ava Schenzel

Unexpected Celeb Juggles Being a Mom and Full-Time Student

Having a job that doesn’t require Chloe Mendoza to be at an office from nine to five allows her to focus on being a mom and going to school. She is raising a two-year-old, and it isn’t always easy for her. Chloe admits that Ava does go to daycare when she is at school. But, when she is at home, all of her attention is on her daughter.

But, if Chloe Mendoza from Unexpected isn’t busy being a mother, she is busy being a full-time student. She is currently a sophomore at Arizona State University. Chloe is majoring in speech and hearing. She plans to use her degree to make money in the future. But, for now, she seems to be comfortable with making a living on the internet.

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