‘Unexpected’: Tyra Boisseau Snubs Alex Wilson – More Important Things to Do

Unexpected‘s Tyra Boisseau has a lot of people talking negatively about her leaving Alex Wilson and her daughter to go to college. But even when she came back from college for the weekend, she didn’t want to make time for her boyfriend.

Unexpected: Alex Wilson Excited to See Tyra Boisseau

Alex Wilson of Unexpected said he felt like he didn’t get to go out and do anything. He went on to say that Tyra Boisseau gets to be off with her friends doing whatever. But he was excited when she said she was coming home to see him and their daughter.

TLC’s Tyra said that Alex of Unexpected stays home and takes care of their daughter Layla Rose Wilson. Alex Wilson even says that he stays with her 24/7, which leads people to think he does not have a job other than taking care of Layla. Whatever the case, fans think it’s great that he is such a good dad.

Unexpected mom Tyra said she was coming home Friday night, but she decided to come back in the morning instead. The roads flooded, and she didn’t want to try to drive in the dark. Alex was sad she didn’t get to come home then, but he kept a good attitude and was happy to see her when she got back.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau - Alex Wilson

Alex Feels Like Tyra Doesn’t Care

Unexpected dad Alex had some plans for when Tyra got back, but it seems she had other plans. Tyra Boisseau breezed right past Alex Wilson and went to Layla. He looked like he didn’t understand why she didn’t come to him but tried not to let it bother him.

Despite the lack of warm greeting, Alex said that he wanted to go out with Tyra. She said that she didn’t want to go out and she wanted to stay there with Layla. Tyra Boisseau said she saw how Alex felt when she said that, so she decided she would go out with him.

Unexpected parents Alex and Tyra’s relationship is on the rocks because of the long distances. In fact, Alex Wilson said that they don’t get any “alone” time and looked a little shy about saying it. But it seems like at least Alex wants to make their relationship work.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau - Alex Wilson

Unexpected: A Big Breakup

In real-time, Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson broke up in January 2020. So far, there is no word that the couple got back together. Fans of Unexpected thought they were one of the stronger couples.

It looks like they still co-parent well and are doing the best for their daughter. Tyra’s sister Tiara Boisseau from Unexpected had strong words about her sister’s decisions. As a matter of fact, she called her a stupid b*tch for going off to college and leaving her daughter and boyfriend.

Despite the breakup, Tyra is doing well, and she’s happy with where her life is right now. Fans are glad and look forward to seeing how the rest of season 4 of Unexpected plays out.

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