‘Unexpected’: Tyra Boisseau Reveals Daughter’s Living Situation – Snaps at Fans

Unexpected mom Tyra Boisseau said that some TLC fans are “dry” because they keep saying the same things over and over. She said she is sick of hearing about how she parents her daughter.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau Sick of Fan Comments

Tyra Boisseau of Unexpected said people keep dissing how she acts as a parent to her daughter. The biggest thing she keeps hearing is that she shouldn’t have left her daughter to go to college. Finally, Tyra exploded and said that Layla Wilson lives with her.

Unexpected mom Tyra said that her daughter is doing just fine. And that she made her choices to make sure she made a better life for her and Layla. Tyra Boisseau went on to say that Layla is her BFF.

Layla said her mommy was her best friend. And fans felt bad for all of the things they said about her parenting on Unexpected. But many of them still said they couldn’t believe she was able to leave her child.

Unexpected: Layla Wilson

Tyra Doing Well in Relationships

Tyra Boisseau is doing well with her important relationships. In fact, she and Alex Wilson are back together and recently got matching shirts. Fans were happy to see the Unexpected parents got back together. Alex recently turned 21 years old, and they celebrated it together with him throwing back plenty of adult drinks.

Some people wondered if they created the breakup drama for Unexpected. And if they stayed split up for a long time or if they kept their relationship quiet because of it. Whatever the case, viewers are glad they are doing well.

Unexpected celebrity Tyra and her sister Tiarra Boisseau’s relationship is going good as well. Tiarra had called Tyra a stupid b*tch for leaving her daughter. But now it seems like they are back on good terms again when Tiarra said that she and Tyra’s daughter are the best of friends.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau

Unexpected Mom Forced Out of School

Tyra said she had to move out of the dorms at her school because of COVID-19. And she was surprised it had been so long. Before the pandemic, Tyra Boisseau was cheering and off at school—but all of that changed.

Unexpected fans think the pandemic may have saved her relationship with Alex. They didn’t look like they were doing well before she came back home. But they still feel bad for her not being able to attend school like she wanted to.

While Tyra was gone, she had worries that Alex Wilson might be talking to other girls. And he had his own concerns about Tyra Boisseau being into other guys. Since she isn’t gone anymore, it appears those major problems melted away.

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