‘Unexpected’: Tyra Boisseau Drops Cheating Bomb?

Unexpected‘s Tyra Boisseau shares openly about her life – even after leaving the TLC show. Recently, she let it fly when she talked about how she felt about cheating.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau Hinting at Alex Wilson Cheating?

Tyra Boisseau from Unexpected was red in the face recently – and it wasn’t just because she had been in the tanning bed too long. She fumed about how girls should leave a man alone when they know they have a woman and child. She said that woman is “triflin’.”

Unexpected mom Tyra said crawling into bed with a man that is taken is just terrible. Fans asked if she and Alex Wilson broke up, and Tyra Boisseau claimed up. She was very upset, and she wouldn’t say anything about Alex Wilson.

Fans of Unexpected said that the man and the woman are both to blame for cheating, and Tyra said she for sure agreed with that. It sounded like Tyra Boisseau knew the girl that it happened with. It also sounded like it might have happened a while back, and she just found out about it.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau - Layla Wilson

Tyra Enjoying Easter with Layla Wilson

Unexpected mother Tyra Boisseau looked like she had a great holiday with Layla Wilson. Layla looked super cute in her pink dress, and she had a basket full of eggs. The one person missing in the photos was her dad, Alex.

Fans of Unexpected think him not being there means that they broke up. It seemed like they were doing good after she came back from college, but it seems like there are still things lacking in the relationship. If Alex was unfaithful, it’s a toss-up of whether they will get back together or not.

Tyra said that if she didn’t have Layla that life would be terrible. She said that her daughter is her saving grace. Fans said they are glad they have each other, but they still feel bad for the Unexpected star.

Unexpected: Alex Wilson - Tyra Boisseau

Unexpected: Looking Her Best Ever

Unexpected viewers kept telling Tyra Boisseau how amazing she looked. Her hair is dark now, and she started wearing a lot more makeup. Fans wonder if it is because she and Alex broke up, and she wants him to regret his mistakes.

Whatever the case, it seems like her grief is working for her. Fans told her that Alex Wilson was lucky to have her, and if they broke up – they were on her side. Alex hasn’t said anything for a few weeks, and that makes rumors fly even faster.

Tyra Boisseau seems happy even though she obviously is angry and hurt. In the 4th season of Unexpected, she said she does think that she deserves better sometimes. Maybe she is trying to find out if she can find it.

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