‘Unexpected’: Tyra and Alex Wilson – Are They Still Together?

Unexpected couple Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson appeared on season three of the TLC hit show. Fans watched as the pair navigated life as first-time parents. It wasn’t easy for Alex and Tyra to handle all the struggles of being a young parent. However, the Unexpected duo has been able to do the best they can to raise their daughter Layla Rose Wilson together.

TLC’s Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau Welcomes A Baby Girl With Alex Wilson

Tyra Boisseau has a family history of teen moms. Her mom had her when she was a teenager. Then, Tyra’s younger sister Tiarra became a mom at sixteen. As for Tyra Boisseau, she was a mom at 18. However, the Unexpected star managed to graduate high school while taking care of a newborn. She also has the help of the father of her baby, Alex Wilson.

The Unexpected young mom and Alex Wilson welcomed a baby girl earlier this year. Layla Rose Wilson was born in March. Tyra Boisseau shared just how “blessed” she was for having “such a great experience giving birth”. She felt like she had “the best support system in the world”. Although, Tyra knew that her life was about to change.


TLC Star Attends College Far From Family?

After giving birth, Tyra Boisseau knew that it was going to be harder to achieve her goal of being a college cheerleader. It was important for the Unexpected TV star to further her education. Because, she watched her mom struggle without an education. Tyra shared in a YouTube video that a college recruited her. There, she’d get the chance to get an education and cheer. However, it meant possibly missing out on Layla’s first moments.

The Unexpected celeb spoke to her family about this opportunity. In the video, Tyra spoke about how supportive Alex Wilson was of the idea. Tyra also spoke to her mom about the chance. Because, she’ll need more help to care for Layla while she’s at school. It seems like the Unexpected reality star could start college next year.

Unexpected Update: Tyra Boisseau & Alex Wilson – Are They Still Together?

Tyra Boisseau and her boyfriend Alex Wilson didn’t always have such a smooth relationship. Once Alex found out she was pregnant, his grandma wouldn’t let her stay over at the house. Then, when Layla was born, the Unexpected first-time mom felt uncomfortable visiting Alex’s grandma’s. Also, she found Alex’s mom a little overbearing.

In late 2019 the Unexpected parent’s social channels, Alex Wilson and Tyra Boisseau were still together. The couple often posted pictures online together. On one of Tyra’s pictures of her, Alex, and Layla, she wrote in the caption, “my forever”.

However, in the third week of January 2020, Tyra announced their break-up. Or, as she put it, they are putting their relationship “on hold”.

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