‘Unexpected’ Spoilers: Tyra Bossieau Called ‘Stupid’ for Leaving Daughter Behind

Unexpected star Tyra Boisseau left her family (and child) behind to do something else with her life. Now, her boyfriend, Alex Wilson, is raising their newborn baby, Layla Rose Wilson, all by himself. But, when things start happening that Tyra doesn’t agree with, she freaks out.

Unexpected Spoilers: Tyra Boisseau Ignored By Her Daughter

The latest Unexpected spoilers show that Tyra Boisseau is desperate to get the attention of her daughter, Layla. When calling her sister, Tiarra, she tries to get Layla’s attention. As Tiarra shows the baby her phone, you can see Tyra’s face.

But, Layla isn’t interested. She quickly looks at the phone and then looks back at the toys that she was playing with. Tyra Boisseau says that she just got off of a “terrible phone call” with her boyfriend Alex. And that she really just wants to talk to her daughter.

But, Tyra  Boisseau feels upset. This is because her daughter isn’t even paying attention to her. She feels like it’s hard to have a connection with Layla. And she blames this on how far away she is.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau - Layla Rose Wilson

Young Mom Doesn’t What’s Going on with Daughter

Unexpected celebrity Tyra Boisseau then breaks down into tears. She says that she wishes that going to school wasn’t so hard. Since Layla isn’t paying any attention to her mom, Tiarra tries to talk to her sister instead.

On the phone, Tiarra asks her sister what’s going on over at Alex’s house. Tyra responds with “I don’t know.” Tyra’s mom asks her where she wants Layla to be. Then, Tyra gets angry.

The Unexpected spoilers show that Tyra Boisseau blames Alex for wanting “his kid”. And she goes on to say that she doesn’t want to keep Layla away from Alex. She says that this is because Alex is her father.

Plus, she says that it’ll affect the relationship that Tyra Boisseau has with Alex. Then she says that their relationship is already strained enough, so she doesn’t want to add to that. She blames the distance between the two of them for the strain on their relationship.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau

Unexpected: Tyra Yelled at for Ditching Her Family

The Unexpected spoilers show Tyra Boisseau saying that she feels helpless because she’s so far away. And that sometimes, she thinks about giving up cheerleading and college just to be with her daughter.

Tiarra asks her again if Layla is going to go back to Alex’s house. She starts to flip out and yell at Tiarra. But then, Tiarra tells her that she’s being dramatic. Next, Tyra tries to blame how much stuff she “has to worry about already” as the reason behind her attitude.

Tiarra yells at her sister, saying that this isn’t their problem. And she tells her that she’s the one that signed up for this.

Tiarra goes on to say that she understands why she went away to college. This is because she doesn’t believe that Alex will ever be able to provide for Tyra and Layla the way a “man needs to”. But, she calls her sister “stupid” for leaving Layla for weeks at a time. That slam seems to hit Tyra Boisseau hard.

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