‘Unexpected’: Shelly Morrison Spotted with Girlfriend at Wedding

Unexpected‘s Shelly Morrison went to a wedding in North Carolina recently. But that’s not what most people noticed about the photos of her at the special event.

Unexpected: Shelly Morrison Enjoying Life

Fans of Unexpected were excited to see Shelly Morrison out of the house enjoying her life. The pandemic put a lot of stress on everyone, but it looks like things are going well for Shelly. It seems like Shelly is getting to see her grandkids despite the drama with McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison, but this special weekend was just for her.

Shelly has been an Unexpected fan favorite for a long time. Everyone likes how level-headed she is and how patient she was with McKayla. There were a few times when she showed her temper, but those were few and far between.

Her son, Caelan Morrison, is having a difficult time with his love life. But it looks like this Unexpected grandma is doing well. Fans shared their excitement over pictures of Shelly and her girlfriend, Brittany Smith.

Unexpected: Shelly Morrison

Shelly Proclaims Her Love

Viewers saw some pictures with Shelly Morrison of Unexpected and another woman. But Shelly never said they were dating or serious, so no one knew. At the wedding, she said, “Here with my love.”

Fans said they were so happy the Unexpected grandmother is in love. Brittany was there smiling adoringly, and viewers said they deserve to be happy. Viewers didn’t know that she liked women because they saw her dating men before.

Whatever the case, viewers of TLC don’t care if she’s with a woman or a man. In fact, they just care that Shelly Morrison is with someone that she loves, and that loves her back. And it looks like that’s what she found in this new person.

Unexpected: Shelly Morrison

Unexpected: Dealing with Grandmother Drama

Viewers of the TLC show Unexpected hope the grandma woes are over for Shelly. After being there for McKayla and helping her through hard times, McKayla turned on her. In fact, in the last season, she said she couldn’t stand Shelly.

McKayla Adkins even went so far as to say the name Shelly makes her feel sick. Even though Caelan’s mom went through a lot of drama, it looks like she gets to see her grandbabies now. Even Brittany has photos with little Timmy Morrison, and fans hope it stays that way. There has been more than one time when their mother didn’t allow the grandkids to be around her, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she had to deal with it again.

She is trying to live her life and be happy. But sometimes, the unrest in her son’s life and with her grandchildren make that very difficult for the young grandmother of two young kids.

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