‘Unexpected’: Myrka Cantu and Her Devastating Losses

Unexpected‘s Myrka Cantu went through not one but two devastating losses recently. TLC fans said she does a great job of staying positive and that they hated to see her in tears.

Unexpected: Tragic Loss – Myrka Cantu Loses Two Loved Ones

Myrka Cantu won over Unexpected viewers’ hearts as a teen mom. And recently, she shared that she went through something terrible. Myrka said she lost her Grandma and Grandmother in a tragic accident.

Unexpected mom Myrka didn’t give any more details about what took place. But fans gave her a lot of love and sent their well wishes. Myrka Cantu said she was doing her best to push through and stay strong.

Fans of Unexpected said they were glad Ethan Ybarra was there to support Myrka. But that they understood this experience was a terrible thing for Myrka. Viewers told her she looked beautiful even when she cried. And sent her virtual hugs in hopes of making her feel better.

Unexpected: Ethan Ybarra - Myrka Cantu

Myrka Remains a Fan Favorite

Unexpected watchers told Myrka Cantu that she is their season 4 favorite on the show. And that they think she is such a sweet, smart, and beautiful girl. Myrka said that nasty comments aren’t coming in as strong as they used to, so she might feel comfortable showing her daughter at some point.

Some fans of Unexpected gave her a hard time for not showing her daughter. But she said it was her job to take care of her daughter. And that fans should back off on that issue.

Myrka said she loves being a mother and that things are going well with her mother. In fact, she said that she Facetimes her mother every day. She said the producers wanted her mom to look like the villain on the show.

Unexpected: Myrka Cantu - Ethan Ybarra

Unexpected: Current Living Situation

Fans of Unexpected shared how upset they were about Ethan’s parents kicking them out. Some fans said they wonder why all of the parents kicked them out. And wondered if production gave Myrka a good edit. She said they live with her Papa right now. And that they can’t afford to live on their own yet since both of them go to school. Due to COVID, both of them go to school online.

Fans of Unexpected said they are glad her dad is letting them stay there while they get on their feet. Viewers asked for a tour of the house, and Myrka Cantu said she couldn’t do one because it wasn’t her own place. Fans said they hope that things go well with her and that she heals quickly from her losses.

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