‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Wouldn’t Recommend Nose Job?

Unexpected‘s McKayla Adkins shocked fans with a new nose. But what’s more shocking is that she told TLC fans that she wouldn’t recommend a nose job to some people.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Says She’s Not Selfish

Fans of Unexpected bashed McKayla Adkins after she unveiled her new nose. The young mom said she thought it was pretty crappy for people to give her a hard time. Besides, she said she paid for her nose by herself.

When said defended her big spend by saying she paid for it herself, fans didn’t care. Many Unexpected viewers said she should have spent the money on her kids. McKayla said she didn’t care what people said.

McKayla Adkins said she should be able to do something for herself. She said she paid for the rhinoplasty on her own through income from a social media account. But it seems like everything might not have been perfect with her nose job.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

McKayla Warns People Not to Get a Nose Job

McKayla Adkins told viewers of Unexpected that she had bad anxiety. She said that before she went under the knife, she had no idea it would be so tough mentally. In that light, McKayla said getting rhinoplasty might not be the best thing for people.

The Unexpected mom said, “If you have anxiety or something, then—you shouldn’t do it.” She said that the pain wasn’t as bad as the mental part of it. McKayla Adkins went on to say that she might have opted out of it if she knew how hard it would have been.

Despite McKayla Adkins’ recommendations to Unexpected fans, she is excited about the new look. She said she changed her nose for herself—not fans. And she gave the middle finger salute to the people that said they couldn’t tell any difference.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

Unexpected: A Cosmetically Perfect Life?

McKayla recently said she felt pretty again, but she faced more trolls. The trolls told her that they liked her better blond instead of her new dark look. Other fans defended her in the comments and said, “Do you really think she cares about what you think?”

McKayla went off on a few of the critics. But soon, she came back to say that she was thankful for everyone that came to give her a compliment. McKayla from Unexpected said she realizes that not everyone was a jerk to her. And that she appreciates the people that said the nice things.

Whatever the case, it still looks like mom life is rough on McKayla. But McKayla Adkins is doing a lot better now that she has a new boyfriend and a place to stay.

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