‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Reveals Why She Got Her Nose Job

Unexpected‘s McKayla Adkins is tired of dealing with the backlash of getting a nose job. She said she doesn’t know why people are treating her so badly. And she told fans she got her rhinoplasty for a good reason.

Unexpected: TLC Mom McKayla Adkins Goes Under the Knife

Fans of Unexpected told McKayla Adkins they thought she was pretty before and after her nose job. But McKayla didn’t even take the kind words as kind and lashed out. It seems like she had quite a bit of mental anguish during her surgery and recovery.

McKayla was pretty upset to think that her pain and trouble was all for nothing. In fact, she went on to say that she didn’t do it for fans, but that she did it for herself. Unexpected mother McKayla Adkins told fans they could keep their negativity to themselves.

McKayla said the process was very painful. But what she wasn’t ready was for how mentally taxing it was on her. And she even recommended that people try to avoid having rhinoplasty done if they experience anxiety.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

McKayla Explains Her Reasons

Unexpected fans kept telling McKayla that her nose looked fine before. After getting mad, McKayla Adkins told fans they never saw her real nose except for on the show. And that she used to filter her pictures because she didn’t like how her face looked.

McKayla from Unexpected told fans she had a crooked nose before. And not only that, but she said that her nose drooped on one side. And that she did not like the way it looked overall. She even said that the end of her nose had a little square on it.

Now she said her nose is straight, not drooping, and there is no more little square on the end. She said she is “so f–king happy,” with her new look. And fans understood a little bit more of why she did it.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

Unexpected: Living the Good Life with Her Kids

TLC’s McKayla said that people can’t stand that she’s doing well on her own. Trolls gossiped that her grandparents paid for her rhinoplasty. But McKayla Adkins from Unexpected clapped back and said she paid for it herself. And that she doesn’t need anyone to help her.

She wanted to do it, and she pays for her own things with money she makes from her social media accounts. She said people couldn’t stand that a single mom that smokes pot is successful. But that they just have to deal with it.

Unexpected celeb McKayla Adkins said she’s happy with her life. And that she’s doing great with everything now. And anyone who doesn’t like it can, “f–k off.”

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