‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Shows off New Short Hairstyle [See Pic]

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins recently trimmed her hair and got a new hairstyle. She has been covering up her locks with wigs. But, it seems like McKayla might plan to show off her natural style more.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Gets a Pixie Haircut

Late last year, McKayla Adkins had a bad hair experience. After dying her hair at home, the Unexpected castmate thought it was time to see a professional. So, she went to a salon for some help. However, her locks became too damaged. She had no other option, but to shave her head and start fresh. At first, McKayla didn’t like the buzz cut. Yet, now it seems like she prefers her hair to be short.

The Unexpected reality star seems to have chopped off her mane again. However, this time McKayla Adkins went for a pixie cut. But she didn’t dye her hair. Over the years, McKayla has tried out a few different colors. Yet, since shaving her head, she seems to be taking a break from dying it. She is most likely trying not to do any more damage to her hair.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

Fans React to McKayla’s New Appearance

Many Unexpected viewers love McKayla Adkins’ new pixie cut. They believe that she can pull off any style, including the buzz cut. One person said she looks “adorable” in the picture of her new appearance. Another person said it is a “gorgeous” style.  According to a fan, McKayla looks like a “high power attorney” that is “crushing every opponent” and getting “paid big bucks to do it.”

However, some Unexpected viewers were curious to find out why McKayla Adkins got a trim. They thought that she was growing her locks out to a longer length. They also believed that McKayla looked better with longer hair. One person said, “aren’t you trying to grow out your hair?” Another person said, “don’t you want your hair longer?”

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

Unexpected Celeb Ditching the Wigs?

When McKayla Adkins shaved her head, she said she wanted to wear wigs until her hair was out of the awkward length stage. So, she had bought a few hairpieces. But she didn’t think they suited her well. She thought they were either cheap or didn’t have a natural appearance to them. McKayla then asked fans for help to find ones that are good quality and affordable. She was able to find a few that she was happy with.

Now that the Unexpected TLC star trimmed her mane, could she no longer want to hide her hair? McKayla Adkins may be over wearing a wig. Yet, there is also a good chance that she is keeping the hairpieces. She could just be trying to keep her hair healthy, which is why she got a trim. However, McKayla is also a very spontaneous person. She may want to keep her options open. If she wants long hair one day, she’ll wear a wig, and if she wants to rock a short style, she’ll keep it natural.

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