‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Shows Off Fancy New House – Defends Her Work

Unexpected‘s McKayla Adkins says that people look down on mothers that do certain things for money. But she went on to defend herself and say that it “gives her all of this,” as she showed off her beautiful house.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Makes Big Changes

Viewers of Unexpected saw a lot of changes in McKayla Adkins since the first season of the show. When TLC watchers first met McKayla, her family, and her then-boyfriend, Caelan Morrison, they tried to make things work as a family. But by the end of season three, it was obvious things weren’t going well between the Morrison family and the Adkins.

Everyone noticed McKayla’s multiple hair changes. But there are bigger changes than her hair going on. For instance, the Unexpected star recently went under the knife and got a nose job.

Despite fan comments, McKayla Adkins said she is so happy with her new nose. But, she said she wouldn’t recommend getting a nose job to everyone due to how tough it is mentally. She also enjoys her new house, and it looks like she’s doing well financially.

Unexpected: Mckayla Adkins

McKayla Is Moving On Up

McKayla Adkins of Unexpected doesn’t care what people think about her work. She has a profile on a adult oriented site. She said that people hate on mothers that have them. But that it provides her and her kids with so much.

Unexpected mom McKayla showed off her bedroom, living room, and her swimming pool with a nice view. Not only that, she went on to tell all of the other things sharing pictures does for her family. And she feels no shame about any of it.

She said she hired an assistant for her business so she can spend more time with her kids. McKayla Adkins also said she paid herself back $17,000 that her ex stole. And she no longer has any more debt. Fans of Unexpected wonder which ex took thousands of dollars from her.

Unexpected: Mckayla Adkins

Unexpected Cast Member Doesn’t Care

Fans of the show said they are impressed by how nice McKayla’s house is. But many people still don’t like the way the Unexpected mother gets her money. Viewers say that it is “distasteful” to do things like this – especially when you’re a mother.

McKayla Adkins said she’s going to do what is right for her. She said she’s happy now and that she’s proud of everything she’s done. McKayla squashed rumors that her grandparents paid for her nose. And she said she can take care of herself.

Whatever the case, viewers kept throwing hate at her. They said she could have spent that money on his kids. McKayla gave haters the one-finger wave and went back about her day.

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