‘TLC Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Shows off Dramatic New Hair Style with New Colors

Unexpected mother McKayla Adkins shows off her remarkable new hair color, opting for something a little different than normal. What’s she done with her locks this time? Keep reading to find out more about her new ‘do and what else is going on in her life.

TLC’s Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Loves Experimenting With Her Hairstyles

This Unexpected TLC cast member isn’t new to changing up her mane. A few years ago, viewers witnessed her strange obsession with wigs. McKayla Adkins would change her looks almost daily, going from long black curly hair to straight blonde in a flash.

While those days are long behind her, she still loves to switch up her tresses. She has a passion for trying out all sorts of dyes, ranging from natural hues to outrageous tones. Most fans hugely enjoyed Unexpected alum McKayla’s purple hair, which resulted from a botched bleach job.

McKayla Switches up Her Hair Once Again

Recently, Unexpected star McKayla Adkins sported simple black locks. Then, she debuted a bold and dashing change by dyeing almost half her head blonde with the caption: “Yes, it’s me…Cruella.”

While this is a milder change compared to all her previous dye jobs, McKalya’s novel appearance is quite striking, especially when she wears a matching black and white top.

Unexpected: Is Ex Caelan Morrison Back in the Picture?

Unexpected teen mom McKayla Adkins snapped a picture just a week ago, saying she’s happy she got to spend her last day before quarantine with her “pals.” If you look closely, former love Caelan Morrison is in the background, throwing up a peace sign.

As fans know, Unexpected co-stars McKayla and Caelan have a long and tumultuous past. Breaking up and getting back together has been the norm all these years. They just split in early February, after all. But it wouldn’t be surprising if they’re on the up and up again.

However, are the two mending their relationship and getting cozy once again? Or are they simply working on their friendship to co-parent their two kids better?

For those of you who always root for them to be sweethearts, we’re sorry to disappoint. In Mckayla’s most recent YouTube video, she firmly states that they’re not together and have not gotten back together since the last video she made regarding their breakup.

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