‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Changes Look with a Nose Job – See Pics

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins recently revealed that she got work done to her face. TLC fans are used to her trying out different hairdos, but this new change is more permanent. In a clip, she showed off a bandaged up look. McKayla told her followers what she did, but didn’t give any additional details. However, she did say that she would be giving updates while she is healing.

TLC’s Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Dyes Hair Again

McKayla Adkins is no stranger when it comes to switching up her hairstyle. The Unexpected cast member has dyed her hair a bunch of different colors. At the beginning of the year, she bleached her mane herself. However, it didn’t turn out the way she was aiming for, so she went purple. But that didn’t last long. Since then, McKayla has dyed her locks black with a blonde patch, light brown and recently red.

However, the Unexpected young mom seems to be back to a familiar look. McKayla Adkins is once again a brunette. Although she switches up the color so often that it is hard to tell what the current color of her hairdo is. There is also a good chance that McKayla will dye her locks soon. But, for now, she has moved on to altering another part of her appearance.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

McKayla Makes Drastic Change – Undergoes Surgery

McKayla Adkins has made a change to her appearance that doesn’t involve dye. The Unexpected castmate recently spent time on the operating table. She shared with her followers on social media that she got a nose job. Caelan Morrison’s ex must be making some good money from her OnlyFans to be able to afford such an expensive surgery.

Unexpected’s McKayla Adkins didn’t reveal the reason behind her procedure. Many TLC viewers believe that altering her nose didn’t seem necessary. However, McKayla could have gone under the knife for a medical reason. Many people fix their noses to help with their breathing. Yet, she hasn’t said why she decided to get the procedure done. But, she said that she would be keeping her supporters updated online.

Unexpected TLC Celeb Finds Love after Caelan Morrison Breakup

McKayla Adkins and the father of her children, Caelan Morrison, called it quits earlier this year. The two had a very on and off-again relationship. But, it seems like they have separated for good. Caelan and McKayla did try to fix their relationship for the sake of their children. But, the TLC parents couldn’t repair the damage that was done between the two. Since then, McKayla and Caelan have both moved on and found love again.

The Unexpected reality celeb found a new lover. McKayla Adkins hasn’t shared much about her new boyfriend. But, she has posted a few pictures online of the two. Earlier this year, McKayla and her boyfriend went on a road trip together. The two seem to enjoy spending time with each other. The couple also recently celebrated being together for five months.

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