‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins ‘Impulsive’ New Piercing

Unexpected‘s McKayla Adkins told fans she wanted to get a new piercing but couldn’t get the one she wanted. Instead, she came out of the shop with one that was rather “impulsive.”

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Makes Bank

Recently McKayla Adkins told off haters and showed off her new home. To say that she’s had some difficult times on the show Unexpected would be accurate. And she has a lot of people that don’t approve of her new lifestyle.

No matter who doesn’t like what McKayla does, she says she will keep doing it. In fact, she said her new life is paid for by these “questionable” practices Unexpected fans don’t like. But it’s not everyone that doesn’t like what she does because there are a lot of people that pay.

McKayla Adkins of Unexpected showed off her house with a pool and said she even hired a personal assistant. It seems like she is doing well, but some trolls won’t let McKayla rest. But it looks like she’s paying more attention to her body than to the trolls.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

McKayla Says the Pain Wasn’t Too Bad

McKayla Adkins from Unexpected went into the tattoo shop to figure out her next tats. She said she couldn’t get them until November, but she did get something before leaving. She said she loves her impulsive piercing and showed the new one off to fans.

TLC star McKayla’s latest piercing was a tongue ring. She said the pain was about a three out of a ten. Since McKayla has had a lot of tattoos and piercings, fans think she built up a tolerance for the pain.

Fans could tell the tongue piercing was fresh because Unexpected star McKayla spoke with a lisp. But she said it was worth it and that she didn’t want to do one of the piercings she wanted because of a gross video she saw online. She said she couldn’t bring herself to do it after seeing what the woman went through.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

Unexpected: Moving Forward with her New Man

McKayla Adkins said she wanted to be able to kiss her new boyfriend. So that was another reason she didn’t get the lip ring. And the reason she didn’t get the Medusa piercing was because of her recent nose job.

McKayla didn’t want to make her nose or upper lip swell up. She enjoys the way her face looks now that she went under the knife. The Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins did say she wouldn’t recommend everyone go under the knife for cosmetic surgery.

It seems like she is happy with her new boyfriend. She doesn’t show him off as much as Unexpected fans thought she would. But it seems like things are still going well with them since they did go on a trip not long ago.

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