‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Done with TV Show – Fans Think TLC Axed Her

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins was allegedly booted from the TLC show. She will not be coming back for season four. McKayla said she was quitting the show many times in the past. So, it is not clear if she is truly leaving this time. But, fans believe the network cut her. So, there’s a chance TLC didn’t want her back.

TLC’s Unexpected: McKayla Adkins’ Journey

McKayla Adkins appeared on the first season of the unplanned pregnancy show. McKayla was only a teenager when she became pregnant. She and her high school sweetheart Caelan Morrison became parents at a very young age. Once their son Timmy was born, their relationship became shaky. The Unexpected couple were constantly fighting and faced a lot of challenges as¹ teen parents.

Not long after giving birth to her first baby, the teen mom found herself pregnant again. Then, McKayla Adkins and Caelan had to deal with an unstable relationship, a baby –  and another one on the way. Their journey on the show had a lot of ups and downs. But, McKayla and Caelan were able to work things out. They are currently back together after calling it quits on Unexpected.


Unexpected Celeb Leaving Reality Television?

McKayla Adkins has been on all three seasons of Unexpected. Fans watched as she gave birth twice. They saw her try on wedding dresses and start to plan a wedding. And, they witnessed her break up and get back with Caelan several times. But, now people will have to keep up with McKayla by watching her videos on YouTube it seems.

The Unexpected alum recently answered fan questions. One was curious if McKayla will be on another season. She flat out said “nope”. Yet, she didn’t explain why she won’t return. She said in the past she was leaving. Did she finally quit — or did TLC cut her from the show?

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

Fans Assume TLC Network Fired McKayla Adkins

With no explanation from McKayla Adkins, fans shared their theories. One fan wrote that it is “time for some new blood”. Another pointed out that “all of her drama was over before the season even started”. It seems some viewers think she created drama just to stay relevant.

However, other Unexpected supporters think McKayla Adkins didn’t have a say in coming  back for another season. One fan said “there’s no way someone like McKayla passes up staying on the show”. Viewers speculate that TLC didn’t want her back for season four. That would explain why she’s  doing other things to make money. Like selling merch.

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