‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Disses Fans Trolling Her New Nose

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins (the ex-girlfriend of Caelan Morrison) revealed the results from her nose job. She had kept her surgery a secret from fans. But, when she shared an updated picture, fans didn’t think the procedure was necessary and that McKayla’s nose didn’t look any different. However, McKayla clapped back at those hating on her nose with a rude gesture.

TLC’s Unexpected: A Changed Look for McKayla Adkins

Lately, McKayla Adkins has been switching up her appearance a lot. This year the Unexpected castmate has dyed her locks a few times. She started the year with bleaching her hair. But, when McKayla didn’t get the color she was hoping for, she went purple. The ex of Caelan Morrison then tried out a new hairstyle and dyed her hair black with a blonde patch in the front. Since then, McKayla has had light brown, red and, more recently, back to black hair. But, her hair isn’t the only change she made to her appearance.

Last month, the Unexpected TLC reality star shared that she went under the knife. McKayla Adkins made a change to her nose. However, she didn’t explain the reason behind the procedure. So, many followers started to guess the reason for her getting the surgery. Some thought that it was to help her breathe better. While others thought she was trying to upgrade her look.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

McKayla Reveals Results of Nose Procedure

McKayla Adkins recently showed off her new nose. And, it seems like the Unexpected young mom is happy with what she sees. McKayla posted a picture of herself showing off her nose. She said that she “can’t describe” the way her nose makes her feel. She added, “in a good way.” However, she still hasn’t said why she thought she needed to change one of her facial features.

Unexpected‘s McKayla Adkins is still recovering. So, there is a good chance that her nose may still be changing. But, she decided to share with her supporters how it looks at the moment. After sharing the pictures of her nose, McKayla realized that her nose was still swollen in the photos. She said that she “just realized” her swollen nose and no longer liked the pictures. However, she decided to “leave them up anyways.”

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

Unexpected Celeb Disses Haters over Nose Comments

Many fans of the show didn’t feel like McKayla Adkins needed the surgery in the first place. They felt like her nose looked fine the way it was. Some supporters also thought that she should be saving that money for her children and not spending it on a cosmetic procedure. And, when they saw the results of her nose, they didn’t change their mind. Most supporters felt like she still looks the same. However, McKayla didn’t stay quiet about the messages she was getting.

The Unexpected cast member wasn’t happy with all the negative comments she was getting about her nose. McKayla Adkins dissed her haters who were saying hateful comments. The ex-lover of Caelan Morrison posted a photo of herself sticking up the middle finger to “everyone saying there’s no difference.” McKayla seems happy with her nose, and that’s all that matters. But, will this be the last cosmetic work she gets?

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