‘Unexpected’: Matthew Blevins Caught in Online Scam?

Unexpected dad Matthew Blevins might have gotten himself in trouble again. Due to some of his recent communication, it looks like he’s trying to get people to give him money online.

Unexpected: Matthew Blevins Tries to Make Money

Matthew Blevins from Unexpected came in and out of the spotlight after leaving the TLC show. But now, it looks like he is part of a scheme to make money by “flipping” it. Fans said they wouldn’t give him five dollars, let alone the hundreds he wants people to send him.

Unexpected dad Matthew Blevins said he could help people make some serious money. All he needs is for people to send him a few hundred bucks – the more, the better. And he put a two-day deadline on it, hoping people will pour money into his bank account.

According to news outlets, cash flipping is a common scheme that targets vulnerable teenagers. They trick people into sending them money and steal their bank details. Sometimes the person gets their money back because they are early enough in on the scheme and sometimes they don’t.

Unexpected: Hailey Tomlinson - Matthew Blevins

Matthew Enjoying His New Relationship

When Matthew Blevins from Unexpected isn’t in on money schemes, he’s enjoying time with his new girlfriend. He has a lot of free time on his hands since he doesn’t do anything with his two children. Matthew did see his son, Levi Tilford, for a while, but it seems like that changed.

Hailey Tilford said that Matthew Blevins only calls her to check on Levi every two to three weeks. He showed off some pictures of himself and said, “Fear nothing but yourself.” Fans of Unexpected said that he should probably fear the child support courts.

Neither Hailey has talked about Matthew and his relationship. They also haven’t said anything about getting money out of him. But it doesn’t seem like he has much money to get since he spends his time smoking with his girlfriend.

Unexpected: Matthew Blevins - Hailey Tilford

Unexpected: Getting Out of Parenting Two Kids

Matthew Blevins knows that the government can’t track income from money flipping. Viewers of Unexpected think he’s trying to fly under the radar and not get money taken out of a paycheck. Whatever the case, they said he did a good job of getting out of parenting his kids.

Hailey Tomlinson doesn’t seem to want him in her daughter’s life at all. But Hailey Tilford did act like she wanted to see Matthew Blevins in Levi’s life. Hailey Tomlinson admitted to sleeping with him again after they split up.

Fans of Unexpected think Hailey Tilford also slept with him after their split. But she denies every bit of it. Watchers said they couldn’t understand what women see in him, and with his new actions of money flipping, he might get into legal troubles soon.

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