‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tomlinson Reveals Supermom Abilities

Unexpected teen mother Hailey Tomlinson always gets love from fans, and new details make them love her even more. In fact, some TLC viewers say she is a supermom. Check out how she’s rocking her mothering responsibilities.

Unexpected: Hailey Tomlinson Does It All

Hailey Tomlinson of Unexpected still goes to school despite having a daughter to care for. She said that she works four days a week and pays her mom to take care of her daughter, Kinsley Blevins. She has to do her classes after work, and that’s only possible because she has online classes.

Unexpected fans said that is a lot for a young mom. But Hailey seems like she really enjoys it and is happy with where her life is right now. She works as an RA at an assisted living center and said she absolutely loves it.

Viewers said that seems like the perfect job for Hailey Tomlinson from Unexpected. And that they’re glad she is doing something she enjoys. And something that can support her and her child.

Unexpected: Hailey Tomlinson - Darren

Hailey & New Boyfriend Darren

Unexpected mom Hailey Tomlinson finally found a good man — fans think. Hailey said that Darren works at Walmart and confirmed they are both still in high-school. Since they are still students, she said they aren’t moving forward with marriage at this time.

Hailey said that she does think she and Darren will marry in the future. And fans of Unexpected said it seems like they have a good relationship. They also said it’s good for Kinsley that she nows has a great man in her life.

Unexpected star Hailey Tomlinson now revealed Matthew Blevins doesn’t have anything to do with Kinsley Blevins. And she doesn’t seem to mind that he stays away from her. In fact, viewers think it might be better that he’s not around because of all his drama.

Unexpected: Hailey Tomlinson - Kinsley Blevins

Unexpected: Moving On after the Show

Hailey Tomlinson now says that Kinsley calls Darren her dad. She said that he does everything that a dad is supposed to do. Hailey Tomlinson said that parenting her daughter with Darren is a lot easier than doing it with her ex, Matthew.

Hailey made a brief appearance on season 4 of Unexpected. She went to meet with Tyra Boisseau’s sister, Tiara Boisseau, so the kids could play together. And while she was there, she let it slip that she and Matthew hooked up again.

Keep in mind that when that episode taped, she was not with her new boyfriend. Viewers say that they think it was terrible that Hailey would even let Matthew touch her again. But are glad now that Hailey Tomlinson is with someone that is a good guy who respects her.

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