‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tomlinson and Hailey Tilford Reunite Siblings

Unexpected stars Hailey Tomlinson (#1) and Hailey Tilford (#2) recently had a sibling reunion. Before becoming mothers, the two were best friends. But, that quickly changed all because of Matthew Blevins. He left one for the other and had a child with both. Now, the former best friends are moms to half-siblings. Even though they were once on bad terms, they have put the past aside to make sure their little ones have a close sibling relationship.

Unexpected: TLC’s Hailey Tomlinson & Hailey Tilford Have Sibling Hangout

Despite having different relationships with the father of their children, Hailey Tomlinson and Hailey Tilford aren’t letting that stop their little ones from having a strong sibling bond. Earlier this year, the Unexpected mothers had their children meet for the first time. Both girls posted pictures of the meet between Kinsley and Levi. Levi’s mother was glad that her son got to meet his sister.

The Unexpected castmates recently had another sibling meet up. Hailey Tomlinson shared a picture of the two siblings. She said that Levi and Kinsley are the “cutest sibling duo.”

Hailey #2 Tilford also released a photo from the precious moment. She is “so glad that Levi has a forever best friend who he can also call sister.”

Unexpected: Kinsley Blevins - Levi Tilford

Hailey #1 Reveals Relationship Status

Hailey Tomlinson was heartbroken when she found out that her best friend was dating her baby daddy. Yet, the Unexpected cast member didn’t let that get her down. She had the determination to be the best mom she can be for her daughter. It is not clear how often Matthew Blevins sees his child. But, Hailey has been doing a great job raising Kinsley on her own.

This summer, she spent a little mother and daughter time at the beach. The two enjoyed their time soaking up the sun and playing in the sand.

Unexpected’s Hailey Tomlinson recently gave fans an update on her dating life. Her followers were curious to find out if she was dating someone new. One fan said, “are you still happily single?” Hailey said, “yes” to the fan. She has been focusing her time on her daughter.

TLC’s ‘Unexpected’ Celeb Shares Plans for Second Baby

When Hailey Tilford gave birth to her son Levi, she thought that she was going to be a single mom. Since Matthew Blevins denied that Levi was his son, she thought she was going to raise him on her own. However, that isn’t the case. Her new boyfriend, Cole Smith, has stepped in as the father figure in Levi’s life.

The Unexpected reality star is thankful that she found someone like Cole Smith. Hailey Tilford and Cole haven’t been dating for long, but they are already talking about having a baby together. Hailey told fans that she wants to start trying for another baby in December or January. However, Cole might want to wait until Levi is one. Whenever the time comes, she does plan on sharing the pregnancy news with fans.

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