‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tomlinson’s Baby Kinsley Sick in Hospital – Was Matthew Blevins There?

Unexpected star Hailey Tomlinson took to social media to reveal that baby Kinsley was in the hospital. Unaware at the time what Kinsley had, it was hard for Hailey to see her baby so sick. Hailey later stated that Kinsley had a cold-like virus. A virus that may not seem serious, but can quickly turn fatal. With Kinsley in the hospital, many Unexpected followers wondered if Matthew Blevins was there for his daughter.

TLC’s Unexpected: Hailey Tomlinson Shares Scary News

Hailey Tomlinson shared on her Instagram story that she was at the hospital with her daughter. The young Unexpected mother showed a picture of Kinsley laying on a hospital bed with tubes coming out of her nose. Kinsley must have had a hard time breathing. Hailey said that it “breaks my heart seeing her like this.” Despite being sick, Kinsley is “still smiling.”

The Unexpected young mom revealed that she wasn’t sure what was wrong with Kinsley. Until Kinsley was fully diagnosed, Hailey Tomlinson explained that she either has RSV or bronchitis. Though, Hailey said she would update fans when she knew for sure. It is hard not knowing what is wrong with your child. Especially when they are so young. Babies can be so fragile.

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Unexpected Celeb Reveals Diagnosis

Hailey Tomlinson let Unexpected fans know exactly what virus Kinsley was suffering from. Hailey revealed that Kinsley has RSV, which is a respiratory syncytial virus. Symptoms for this virus are similar to a cold. The baby will have a running nose and a cough. It may seem like nothing serious. But, this virus can lead to serious or life-threatening problems. Which can be very scary.

The Unexpected TLC reality star seemed to be doing the best she could to stay strong for her little one. Even though it was hard for her to see her “poor baby” not feeling well. Matthew Blevins was not seen it the update pictures, which left fans online asking if Matthew Blevins was by his daughter’s side while she is in the hospital.

TLC Fans Asking If Matthew Blevins Was There

Matthew Blevins and Hailey Tomlinson are no longer together. Though, they are trying to co-parent their daughter together. Matthew is currently dating Hailey’s ex-best friend Hailey Tilford. Hailey #1 dealt with a lot of drama with her baby daddy during the recent season. However, when rumors of Hailey #2 being pregnant were surfacing, fans were not supportive of Matthew and Hailey Tilford.

When Unexpected viewers found out that Kinsley was sick in the hospital, they questioned if Matthew Blevins was there. According to what fans believe, they are posting there is a chance he wasn’t at the hospital. One fan wrote, “sad part is, I bet Matthew ain’t even there while his child is suffering.” Another fan replied, “he’s with his other baby mama.” It is not known if Matthew did show up at the hospital or not. 

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