‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford and Hailey Tomlinson Have Baby Hangout – Siblings Finally Meet

Unexpected stars Hailey Tilford (Hailey #2) and Hailey Tomlinson recently had their babies meet. Both of their children share the same father, Matthew Blevins. The two are putting past behind them, so their children can get to know their half-siblings. Hopefully, seeing Matthew’s children together will get him to come around more.

TLC ‘s Unexpected: Hailey Tilford Back on Good Terms with Former Best Friend Hailey Tomlinson

Hailey Tilford was once Hailey Tomlinson’s best friend. However, all that changed because of Matthew Blevins. Once Matthew left one Hailey #1 for the other, the two girls no longer spoke to each other. Matthew is the father of both of their children. Although, he only has a relationship with one of his children. So, now the two girls are both moms to babies who are half-siblings.

The Unexpected young moms have seemingly put the drama between them in the past. Earlier this month, Hailey Tilford shared photos of her and Kinsley online. She wrote a sweet message for Kinsley’s birthday. Hailey Tomlinson thanked her for the post and for “always being so good” to her daughter. Extending an olive branch seemed to have worked.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford - Kinsley Blevins

Hailey Tomlinson’s Daughter Meets Her Newborn Brother

Hailey #1 and #2 brought their babies together for their first meeting. Both of them posted pictures of Kinsley and Levi together online. Levi’s mom said that she was “glad they finally met each other.” While Kinsley’s mom said, “we love you all so much.” Both mommas would like their children to grow up having a close sibling relationship.

Despite being on good terms, the Unexpected cast members have different relationships with the father of their children. Hailey Tomlinson and Matthew Blevins don’t seem to have any bad blood between the two. However, the same can’t be said about Matthew’s relationship with Hailey Tilford. Matthew doesn’t consider Levi to be his son. So, she has been raising her son as a single mom.

Unexpected: Levi Tilford - Kinsley Blevins

Unexpected Fans React to First Meeting between Sister and Brother

Fans of the show thought it was nice to see both the Unexpected reality stars getting along again. One fan said, “I’m so glad to see that you guys can put the drama aside for the kids.” While another fan said, “I’m so proud that yall got over your differences and are becoming better for the kids.” These fans love that Levi and Kinsley will be able to grow up seeing each other.

Although, some Unexpected viewers are hoping that this meeting will catch Matthew Blevins’s attention. One fan said, “hope this eats Matthew alive.” The fan also said, “mad respect for this. Most mommies wouldn’t allow this nowadays.” Maybe Matthew will want to be one big family someday. If Hailey Tomlinson can mend her friendship with Hailey Tilford, anything is possible.

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