‘Unexpected’: Emiley Noack Takes Baby – Hits the Road

Unexpected‘s Emiley Noack doesn’t live near her mother anymore. In fact, she is hitting the road and taking her daughter Aria Reyes with her. Her boyfriend Hunter has to travel for work, and she said it just makes sense for them.

Unexpected: Emiley Noack’s Unique Living Situation

Emiley Noack started dating a new guy a few months ago. Fans of Unexpected said he seems much nicer than Aria’s father, Diego Reyes. Emiley didn’t want to be away from Hunter, so they decided to try full-time RV living.

Unexpected mom Emiley said they got a mid-bunk RV. And that means Aria Reyes will have her own room in the RV. Emiley Noack said it could be difficult living in an RV because of space, so she has to make sure she doesn’t buy too much.

Unexpected viewers said that it was so cool that they live in a recreational vehicle now. And that they bet they will have such a fun time adventuring while they travel. Many say that it will work out well since Aria is still young enough not to have to go to school yet.

Unexpected: Emiley Noack

Emiley Ditches Diego Reyes

Unexpected followers were glad when Emiley Noack said she split with Diego Reyes. Even his mother said he didn’t act right, and TLC fans couldn’t agree more. After his questionable behavior on the show, he decided to make a life change and enlist in the Army.

Unexpected dad Diego didn’t want to be responsible when Aria came into the world. And viewers couldn’t deal with it when they found out he was mean to Emiley. Many thought she would still go back to him but were glad to see she got a new boyfriend.

Diego from Unexpected joined the Army in January of 2020 and completed basic training. The pandemic made it impossible for anyone to come to his graduation. And since he’s an Army serviceman, it’s hard to tell if he would be there for Aria if he could.

Unexpected: Aria Reyes

Unexpected: Enjoying Life on the Road

Emiley from Unexpected looks happier than she has in a long time. And Aria Reyes has a good time out on the road. Plus, she found one of her favorite spots. Emiley Noack said she sits in a laundry basket and watches her favorite TV shows.

Unexpected celebrity Emiley recently had Aria’s third birthday party early. She wanted to do it while they were home and around family. Viewers said that Aria Reyes is getting so big and that it seems like Emiley did a good job of raising her so far.

The Unexpected viewership looks forward to seeing their new adventures. And are glad she found someone that will treat her right.

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