‘Unexpected’: Diego Reyes Has New Crush – No More Emiley Noack

Unexpected dad Diego Reyes looks like he is fully over his ex and baby mama Emiley Noack. On National Women’s Day, he shared a photo of a girl and wished her a happy day.

Unexpected: Diego Reyes Lands a New Girl?

Diego Reyes hasn’t said anything about having a new girlfriend. But recently, he showed off a picture of a girl that many Unexpected watchers people say looks a lot like Chloe Mendoza. Others cheered him on and said that his new girl is gorgeous.

Unexpected fans said they wonder where this girl is from since Diego could have met her anywhere. Diego Reyes has been in the army for over a year and doesn’t get to see his daughter much. And viewers wonder if he could do a long-distance relationship.

Diego from Unexpected seems to have a much better attitude than he used to. He was a supervillain on the TLC show, but now he seems to have a lot more respect and is more responsible. Watchers say the military did well for him but don’t think he and Emiley Noack belong together.

Unexpected: Diego Reyes

Emiley Noack on Her Own Adventures

Unexpected mom Emiley Noack isn’t waiting back at home crying over Diego. In fact, she’s been with her new boyfriend for a while now, and they’re having some pretty great adventures. Emiley’s boyfriend has to travel a lot for work, so she and Aria Beckett Reyes travel with him.

Recently, they just got an RV and are traveling with him, so they don’t have to be apart. Emiley Noack looks happier than ever, and fans said they are glad she found someone that loves her. Aria also looks happy and has plenty of room to play in their large RV.

Aria Reyes from Unexpected just turned three years old and seems to be a pretty easy kid to take care of. Since Emiley’s boyfriend does work long hours, it can be a little challenging to keep her entertained. But Emily Noack does a good job.

Unexpected: Emiley Noack

Unexpected: Diego & Emiley Were a Bad Match

Fans of Unexpected said that Emiley and Diego were a bad match from the start. It seems like Diego Reyes needed some serious structure from the military to get himself in line. And Emiley Noack needed someone that was more tender and caring towards her.

Diego and ex Emiley seem to do a good job co-parenting. It might be a little easier on these two since they don’t have to see each other that much. Their mobile lifestyles might be the best thing for them, but fans wonder how Aria will feel about it when she gets older.

Unexpected father Diego felt bad that he didn’t get to see her on her birthday. But Emiley made sure he was able to talk to her and wish her a happy birthday.

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