‘Unexpected’: Chloe Mendoza Talks Baby #2 – Is She Pregnant?

Unexpected star Chloe Mendoza recently spoke about having baby #2. She has been getting many questions from fans asking if she’s pregnant again. So, Chloe took the time to set the record straight.

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza Not Pregnant Again

Viewers watched Chloe Mendoza on TLC’s Unexpected as she became a young mom to a baby girl named Ava. Now that her daughter is almost three, viewers are wondering when she will be having another baby. Chloe said that she gets a lot of comments asking her if she is pregnant again. Whenever she takes a picture of her and her new boyfriend Ian, many fans question if another baby is on the way.

The Unexpected reality star assured fans that she is not expecting her second child. Chloe Mendoza said that she is already insecure about her body, and when she sees those comments, it gives her body issues. She starts to wonder if they ask because she looks “fat” in the pictures she takes. Chloe said that it’s “so inappropriate” to ask, so she would like people to stop questioning.

However, Chloe Mendoza understands that she was on a TV show, and people feel like they can ask these questions. But, she said that she is still a person who has feelings. She also said that she would share the good news if she were pregnant, unlike what she did with her first pregnancy.

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza - Ava Schenzel

Chloe Mendoza Kept First Pregnancy a Secret

When Chloe Mendoza found out she was expecting her first baby, she kept the news a secret. The Unexpected castmate only told family and close friends that she was pregnant. Chloe had even switched schools so she wouldn’t have to tell anyone.

Chloe Mendoza from Unexpected didn’t even share any pictures of her pregnancy until her baby shower. At that point, she was eight months pregnant and couldn’t hide it anymore. Chloe kept the fact that she was pregnant a secret because she felt that her being 16, it wasn’t “okay” to be a mom. She didn’t want it to seem like she was supporting teen pregnancy. But, she said that the second time around will be different.

Unexpected Celeb Reveals Plans for Baby #2

Chloe Mendoza revealed that she doesn’t plan on welcoming another baby anytime soon. However, having another child is in the plans she has for her future. But she said that when it happens, fans will probably no longer care about her. Chloe is hoping that she will be in her mid-twenties when she has her second child. Even though viewers of the show may not be interested in her life anymore, she still plans on sharing the good news when it happens.

When the time comes, the Unexpected TLC star will even be open to sharing pictures of her being pregnant. Chloe Mendoza said that she wouldn’t be a teenager, so she believes she will enjoy being pregnant more. Chloe also said she won’t feel the need to hide it like she did the first time around.

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