‘Unexpected’: Chloe Mendoza Faces Difficult Tasks

Unexpected star Chloe Mendoza has recently been facing difficult tasks in her life. She has been focusing on going to school and taking care of her daughter, Ava. But, being a college student and mom can be challenging at times.

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza Finds Love after Max Schenzel Split

Chloe Mendoza dealt with a lot of ups and downs with her baby daddy, Max Schenzel. She and Max tried to make their relationship work for the sake of their child, Ava. The Unexpected young mom even went against her parents’ wishes and stuck by Max’s side. However, Max’s poor behavior put a strain on their relationship, so they went their separate ways. And now it seems like Chloe has found herself someone new.

The Unexpected reality star has been able to find love again after splitting from Max Schenzel. Chloe Mendoza had kept her new boyfriend on the down-low for a while. But, she recently made her new relationship public. She and her new man, Ian, recently went to an arcade where they previously had their first date. But, since the new couple didn’t have enough points to win anything during that date, they went back. Chloe said that they wanted to win a prize to commemorate their first date.

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza

Chloe Stresses about College Classes

Despite becoming a mom at a young age, Chloe Mendoza didn’t want to give up on her dreams. The Unexpected castmate knew how important it was for her to graduate high school and go to college. She wanted to be able to provide for her little girl and give her the best life possible. Chloe said that going to college and raising Ava has been challenging.

However, Chloe Mendoza from Unexpected recently faced a challenge when fulfilling the requirements for her degree. She said that she was having problems enrolling in classes that were mandatory for her major. According to Chloe, she was told that she didn’t meet the requirements to enroll in those courses. However, she did seek help from her academic advisor and is hoping that everything will work out. She may have to pick other courses if she wants to keep her scholarships.

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza - Ava Schenzel

Unexpected Celeb Faces Difficult Challenge with Daughter

In addition to dealing with school stress, Chloe Mendoza has to take care of a toddler. While she is at school, her daughter goes to daycare. But, after picking her up, she was faced with another challenge. Ava was tired when there were still a few hours until her bedtime. Chloe didn’t want Ava to fall asleep early since that meant she would wake up early as well.

To keep her daughter awake, Unexpected’s Chloe Mendoza made her dinner and played with her. When it was close to Ava’s bedtime, she gave her a shower and put her to bed. However, Chloe said that Ava didn’t start sleeping until an hour after she usually does, even though she was so sleepy earlier.

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