‘Unexpected’: Chloe Mendoza & Daughter & Dog Get Haircuts (See Pics)

Unexpected star Chloe Mendoza‘s daughter, Ava Schenzel, recently got her hair cut for the first time along with their dog. The TLC mother-daughter duo took a trip to their hairstylist’s house to get new looks for the holidays. However, Chloe and Ava weren’t the only ones getting haircuts. Another member of their family also did a little grooming that day.

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza Takes Ava Schenzel for First Haircut

Chloe Mendoza recently decided that it was time for her daughter, Ava Schenzel, to get her first haircut. The Unexpected cast member’s cousin is the one who cuts her and Ava’s hair. Chloe said that Ava would just be getting her hair trimmed to help keep it healthy. She heard that trimming the hair will make it grow faster.

However, she also said that Ava still has the hair she was born with since she has never cut it. The Unexpected reality star’s little girl didn’t seem too happy about cutting her hair. Ava Schenzel didn’t want to cut her hair short. She even told her hairstylist that she wants to keep it long. She also said that she didn’t want to get bangs.

So, the hairstyle just gave Ava a little trim. However, Chloe Mendoza did get to keep a piece of Ava’s hair to remember the special moment. See the adorable pic below of the milestone and the souvenir from it kept by the Unexpected mom.

Unexpected: Ava Schenzel

Chloe Trims Hair & Shares Workout Routine

Chloe Mendoza also took the opportunity to get rid of her split ends. The Unexpected castmate said that the ends of her hair are “disgusting.” However, Chloe didn’t want to cut off too much from the length. She said that her hair is long and that she would like to keep it that way.

But, she wants her locks to look healthy. So, she went for a much-needed haircut. Chloe Mendoza from Unexpected isn’t just making a change to her hair. She has also been working on her fitness. Chloe said that she is trying to drop a few pounds. To help with her weight loss, she works out for about 30 minutes every day.

Chloe also has to run around and take care of Ava Schenzel, so there’s a good chance that’s helping her drop the weight as well. However, losing weight hasn’t been easy for the star of Unexpected. She doesn’t seem to be a fan of doing workouts. She often wonders if there’s “an easier way to lose weight.”

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza

Unexpected: Young Mom’s Dog Joins in on Haircut Day

Chloe Mendoza and Ava Schenzel aren’t the only two who got new hairdos. The family dog, Harley, also had a visit to the groomers. On the way there, Chloe said that Harley was looking a little nervous. But, she was happy with Harley’s new look.

Now that all the haircuts are out of the way, Unexpected‘s Chloe Mendoza and her family are ready for the holidays. Christmas is just around the corner and Chloe’s household is ready for the special occasion. They even have a few presents already under the Christmas tree. It seems like Ava Schenzel is going to be one happy girl.

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