‘Unexpected’: Caelan Morrison’s Mom Shelly Starts YouTube Channel

Unexpected star Shelly Morrison (Caelan Morrison‘s mother) will be making her YouTube debut in the near future. Shelly revealed that the start of a new beginning is coming for her. She then announced that she will be making videos for her own Youtube channel. If TLC watchers didn’t have enough of Caelan’s mom on their TV screens, they can now watch her on their computer screens. As for the release of her channel, it will be coming soon. 

TLC’s Unexpected: Shelly Morrison Teases Exciting News

Shelly Morrison dealt with a lot during the last season of Unexpected. Shelly fought with McKayla Adkins numerous times. She was also not welcomed at the hospital when her granddaughter was being delivered, per McKayla’s wishes.  She even went to a lawyer with her son, Caelan Morrison to help him fight for custody rights. But, looks like they don’t have to see that lawyer again. Since Mckayla and Caelan are back together.

The Unexpected alum is looking towards the future and has some interesting news. Shelly Morrison also said that something exciting is coming when she said, “starting a new journey tomorrow, can’t wait!” She didn’t announce what the journey was. But, the following day she posted that she will be sharing more of her life online.

Caelan’s mom Starts Online Venture 

Shelly Morrison announced that she will be embarking on a new online journey. She posted a picture online. The caption said that she “has a YouTube channel in the making.” Could this be related to what Shelly was talking about? If so, Shelly joins Caelan Morrison and McKayla Adkins who also have their own individual channels.

The Unexpected cast member, Shelly Morrison, didn’t explain what her channel will be about. But, she did say that there will be “cheers and toasts with these two.” The picture included her and another lady at what looks like a bar and having drinks on camera. This should be interesting.

‘Unexpected’ Fans Happy To Follow Youtube Journey

Many viewers are happy that Shelly Morrison will be joining the video-sharing platform community. Supporters feel like they didn’t get enough of Caelan’s mother on the show. One supporter wrote, “I love Shelly. She’s so real!.” Another fan was clear that whatever the channel is about, they will be watching. The fan stated, “you have my attention!”

On the other hand, some Unexpected viewers were excited that Shelly Morrison now had a platform where she could tell her side of the stories shown on the show. One viewer said, “I’ve been waiting for your story.” Another fan explained that “I need your story. McKayla seems like a very selfish mother.” Although, she may not even address anything that went down on the show in her videos. But, it will be interesting to find out what Caelan Morrison’s mom is like when the TLC cameras are no longer filming. 

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