‘Unexpected’: Caelan Morrison’s Mom Shelly Has COVID-19 – McKayla Calls Him Out

Unexpected star Caelan Morrison’s mom, Shelly Morrison, has been dealing with a COVID-19 infection. She told fans that her test came back positive. Now, she’s on the road to recovery. But, not everyone is sending the Morrisons positive vibes during these difficult times. McKayla Adkins allegedly claimed that Caelan hasn’t been visiting his children. But, he has a good reason for keeping his distance.

Unexpected: Caelan Morrison Fights for Father’s Rights

Caelan Morrison and ex-girlfriend McKayla share two children. However, Caelen alleged that McKayla was making it hard for him to see his children. So, earlier this year he went to court seeking rights to visit the kids. Caelen said he didn’t want McKayla to have all the control when it came to their children.

The Unexpected young dad got the outcome he hoped for when it came to getting more parental access. Now, Caelan Morrison has weekend visitation with his two kids. This also meant that his mother, Shelly Morrison, could see her grandchildren more often. That was a prior issue, since McKayla didn’t trust Shelly around the children.

Unexpected: Shelly Morrison

Shelly Morrison Recovering From Coronavirus

As Unexpected fans know, Shelly Morrison has always been there for her son — especially when it came to Caelan Morrison’s kids. She tried to be more involved in her grandbabies’ lives. But, McKayla reportedly made it difficult. Now, Shelly’s facing another obstacle keeping her from seeing her grandbabies.

The Unexpected cast grandma’s been dealing with the virus outbreak first-hand. Shelly Morrison said that she tested positive for COVID-19. So, she’s been recovering while self-isolating. This means that Shelly can’t have any visits from her Caelen’s children. The problem is, Caelan Morrison’s reportedly living with his mom. So, that means he also can’t see his children while his mother’s sick.

McKayla Says Unexpected Celeb Is a No-Show

McKayla and Caelan Morrison have a complicated history. So, fans were curious where they stand now with their kids. McKayla claimed that Caelan hasn’t showed up for visits with his children. But a doubting fan said, “I don’t believe Caelan wouldn’t see his kids if allowed to.”

This Unexpected fan comment caught Shelly Morrison’s attention. Then, Shelly chimed in that Caelan Morrison can’t see them because of her diagnosis. She said, “anyone with brains would know we haven’t got them for weeks” since she tested positive. Shelly also said McKayla might not care if the kids came to see their dad, “but we do.” However, both Caelan Morrison and Shelly Morrison don’t want to get the kids sick.

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