‘Unexpected’: Caelan Morrison Goes to Court to See Children – Shelly Morrison Supports Son

Unexpected star Caelan Morrison went to court to fight for visitation rights for his children. McKayla Adkins is seemingly making it hard for Caelan to see his two children. His mom, Shelly Morrison was right there by her son’s side to support him. Now it seems like McKayla won’t be holding all the power for long. Since Caelan’s court date ended with great news.

TLC’s Unexpected: Caelan Morrison Fights for Visitation Rights

Caelan Morrison and the mother of his children McKayla Adkins broke up last month. Since then Caelan hasn’t been able to see his kids much. The Unexpected parents share two children together, Timothy and Gracelynn. McKayla does have sole custody of the two. But, that isn’t stopping Caelan from fighting to see his little babies more.

The TLC Unexpected young dad recently went to court to receive more parental rights. Caelan Morrison took to social media to share a picture of himself all ready for court. He has a huge smile on his face. Seeing Caelan smile is something fans haven’t seen him do much lately. However, that may be changing soon. He no longer wants McKayla Adkins to have all the control over their kids.

Unexpected: Caelan Morrison

TLC Star Has Positive Court Results

Caelan Morrison won’t be away from Gracelynn and Timothy for long. His date in the courthouse seemingly had the results he was hoping for. The Unexpected cast member said that “things went great y’all.” As for his children, Caelan will be “seeing the babies this weekend.” Caelan was given weekend custody of his children.

Unexpected fans were also happy with the court’s decision. One fan was “glad that he gets to see them.” While another fan said, “let’s hope for both parties to start acting mature for the sake of the kids.” Hopefully, McKayla Adkins won’t be causing any more problems for him. Although, fans weren’t the only ones happy for Caelan Morrison.

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Unexpected Celeb’s Mom Supports Son

Caelan Morrison’s mother Shelly Morrison has always been by her son’s side when it came to her grand-babies. On court day, Shelly wrote online that she’s been “waiting for this day forever.” She told her son, “go get your babies Caelan.” The Unexpected grandma is one proud mother to see her son get fair rights when it comes to his little ones. Surely, she is happy that he got such good news.

The Unexpected alum’s mom didn’t like that McKayla Adkins was allegedly keeping Caelan Morrison away from his children. Through a social media post, Shelly Morrison said that “if a father has to go to court to see his children, parent alienation is and already has been happening.” Shelly made it clear that “parental alienation is child abuse.” She saw McKayla as a child abuser for keeping her children away from their father.

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