UFO Series Debuts on History Channel – Five Pilots Report Mid-Air Encounters

As the History Channel rolls out a new series Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation, five Navy pilots step forward to report encounters with UFOs. Up and down the East Coast of the United States, not one, not two, but five pilots claim to have these encounters. All describe the events as seeing something in midair they’d never seen before.

History Channel: UFOs Go Against Anything Humans Could Possible Do?

The Navy pilots reported these sightings as they embarked on their training flights over various areas along the East Coast. These unknown objects are described as “high-flying,” and “fast-moving”. But most of all, the pilots noted that these UFOs “defy human capabilities.” The Navy pilots also described how the movement and speed of these UFOs “went beyond the physical limits of a human crew.”

UFO enthusiasts are gearing up for Friday’s debut of a new History Channel UFO series. Finally, former intelligent officials from the military are speaking up about the probe of these unknown vehicles. Along with the many other reports of UFOs, these pilots offer their stories. Today these pilots’ stories gain a ton of attention via national television news. As the History Channel UFO series is about to reveal what’s been kept under wraps for decades.

History Channel: UFO Probe

One of the pilots said all they could do at the time was to make out a safety report. The pilot also said he put on that report that an object appeared in his “workspace” and he didn’t know what to do. While the skeptics still claim they can explain many of the UFO reported sightings. They do this by tying them back to something on Earth. But these Navy pilots were in awe of these unknown flying vessels. They claim there’s nothing on this planet that can function at those speeds and make those movements.

One of the government officials in the History Channel’s series brings up a point. Seems this expert believes that the heads who run this country trust the people of this nation to know what countries have the nuclear power of destruction. Yet when it comes to something unknown flying around in Earth’s airspace they seem to have a need to keep this quiet.

History Channel: People are Talking the Evidence is Strong

The nation’s TV news stations are reporting on both the History Channel’s UFO series as well as the Navy pilots. The  History Channel is gaining a lot of attention in the few days leading up to its premiere of the UFO series. So what did the Navy pilots see? The first UFO sighting by these pilots occurred in the summer of 2014. The pilots reported these airborne vessels were at a height of almost 30,000 feet.

The training maneuvers went along the East coast from Florida to Virginia. Furthermore, one incident a pilot became somewhat “freaked out” after almost colliding with one of these vessels. These UFOs traveled at supersonic speed at times, the pilots added. These sightings went on for almost a year, into 2015. It’s not as if these were seen only once in a while. These men who flew for the US Navy said they were almost a daily occurrence.

It looks like this new series from the History Channel offers up evidence that suggests these otherworldly unidentified objects exist. Also, these people who worked for this nation and kept these sightings undercover have decided it’s time to reveal what’s in the skies above this planet.

This History Channel UFO series airs Friday, May 31 at 10 pm.

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