‘Tough as Nails’: Meet the Cast & See Who’s Freaking Everyone Out

Tough as Nails debuts tonight, and we’ve got the cast introductions you need – plus tips on who to watch as an underdog in the Phil Keoghan-hosted competition. If you’re tired of reruns and self-filmed series, sink your teeth into this blue-collar themed show that starts tonight.

Phil Keoghan Explains – How Do You Win Tough as Nails?

Just like on The Amazing Race, the other show Phil Keoghan hosts on CBS, competitors face challenges to stay in the game. Unlike the international race show, the locations are far less exotic or glamorous. Tough as Nails honors the working men and women of America and their jobs.

If you ever watched Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs, then this CBS reality program might hit your sweet spot. There are two components of Tough as Nails. First, there’s an individual competition where you compete in challenges, and those that perform worst face off and one’s eliminated.

Thus, it’s more like The Amazing Race than Survivor or Big Brother, where others decide your fate. One by one, competitors “punch out” of the individual competitions when others outperform them. But, they stick around for group-based comps for cash and prizes.

The last person standing in Tough as Nails‘ individual competition wins $200,000 cash and a bad-ass truck. So, that’s not too shabby of a haul.

Meet the Cast of TaN on CBS – Premieres Wednesday, July 8

Reality show fans get ready – Tough as Nails is on tonight to fill the void left as many others shows ran out of episodes or resorted to self-filmed quarantine versions. So, get ready for tonight’s competition, and here’s the cast list by name and occupation.

Tough as Nails: Melissa Burns - Linnett Key - Myles Polk - Murph - Danny Moody - Tara Davis - Murph

From Tough as Nails, competitors pictured above:

Farmer – Melissa Burns

Drywaller – Danny Moody

Forestry Tech – Myles V. Polk

Welder – Linnett Key

Ironworker – Tara Davis

Marine Corps Veteran – Murph

Tough as Nails: Lee Marshall - Young An - Luis Yuli - Callie Cattell - Michelle Kiddy - Linda Goodridge

Pictured above – Tough as Nails stars.

Roofer – Lee Marshall

Deputy Sheriff – Linda Goodridge

Firefighter – Young An

Fisherman – Callie Cattell

Scaffolder – Luis Yuli

Gate Agent – Michelle S. Kiddy

Tough as Nails: Cast

What Happens on Tough as Nails Tonight?

Tonight on CBS at 8 pm, it’s Season 1, Episode 1, titled Redefining Toughness. The 12 competitors meet professional bricklayers who teach them how to lay bricks into a wall. But that’s not all. Since it’s a two-hour premiere, Phil Keoghan takes them through double the challenges.

In the second half, they must shovel twice their body weight in coal on Tough as Nails. Then, the slowest two face off in an overtime challenge. It’s railroad-themed and determines who stays in the running for the $200k prize. Under Phil Keoghan’s eye, they’ll also complete part of a railroad track.

These challenges on Tough as Nails all look physically draining, hot, and exhausting. But it looks like Phil and the casting team chose wisely. The competitors give it all they’ve got. However, one woman, in particular, has several on edge.

It’s oldest female competitor Michelle Kiddy that several mentioned freaks them out a little. So, wait and see. Tune in tonight to get your reality  fix with Phil Keoghan to walk you through this brand new reality style show like nothing you’ve seen before on CBS.

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