Tori Roloff Shares Gross Pic Of Poop-Smeared Jackson – ‘Little People Big World’ Mom Offers Advice

Little People Big World’s Tori Roloff did a brave thing when she posted a photo of poop-covered little Jackson online. She definitely risked being called out for her parenting. Although there aren’t too many parents who haven’t had the same experience as she did, finding a poop-covered toddler in their crib.

Little People Big World Smear Campaign?

Let’s face it, finding your little one in the crib with poop all over him isn’t a rare occurrence. However, commemorating the event with a photograph isn’t something a lot of parents do. With that said, not too many people would post their feces-covered baby online as well. But… Tori Roloff did.

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I share this with the risk of getting mom shamed (again- and for real I don’t care I don’t get humans sometimes). This is for all those mamas out there that sometime feel like they are sinking. That’s been me this week 🙋🏻‍♀️! But today in particular. Here’s hoping this brings you a good laugh and hopefully you’re Day was better than mine: started out with my husband waking up sick- his headache can’t move I’m dying sick. Now we did get to enjoy a lovely day with friends by the pool but that’s where the fun ended. I came home to Zach still being sick so I tried to play hard ball and get him up and moving- bad idea. He threw up on our front porch because he couldn’t make it to the bathroom (I guess I should be thankful it wasn’t inside). So then I had to hose off throw up from our front porch 🤢. I then come back inside to relax but heard Jackson awake in his crib. He often wakes up and just hangs quietly. I needed the extra time so I left him a couple minutes. After about 20 min I went in his room… this is where it gets bad. I noticed something on his face (of course I think it’s blood or something and start freaking out). As I moved closer the smell overcame me. I noticed brown spread all over his sheets and crib- and oh ya- that’s poop… IN HIS HAIR!!!! To make matters worse… we don’t currently have hot water in our house so I had to drive to another house to bathe him. So ya. That’s my day. If you were having a rough day I hope this helps. I can laugh now that Jackson is asleep in a throughly scrubbed crib. ALSO: first time parents: never. Ever. Under any circumstances. Put your child to bed in just a diaper. Just don’t do it. We all have those days. Today involved both vomit and poop. I mean can tomorrow get any worse? Don’t answer that. #momlife #babyjroloff

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Tori had a good reason for doing this. The Little People Big World star thought it would entice anyone who thought they were having a bad day to think again. Finding little Jackson smeared in poop wasn’t the end of this debacle. Tori and Zach didn’t have hot water in their home at the time. She had to wrap up Jackson just the way he was and take him elsewhere to bathe.

Tori Roloff’s Big Surprise!

Much like describing sneaking up on prey during a safari, Tori painted a picture of her discovery. She said that Jackson often wakes up and amuses himself in the crib. This particular day she let him stay in the crib where he was quite content for about 20 minutes.

When she first laid eyes on him as she walked into his room, she thought she saw blood on his face. This caused the 27-year-old mom to freak out. But it took only moments for another sense to kick in, which told her exactly what Jackson was covered in. The stench was strong but it also told her it wasn’t blood, but fecal matter she was seeing.

Little People Big World Baby Covered In Poop

The Little People Big World star saw poop everywhere. It was on Jackson’s face, in his hair, and all over the crib and the sheets. Tori said Jackson was just a mess.

She saw the very human side of this and snapped a picture. Maybe it was meant just for Zach at first. It could be that mom took the photo to show dad what his little guy got into while being so quiet.

Maybe it was a photo for Tori to show to other Roloff family members? Afterall, it is adorable. With that said, it eventually made it online. It seems that for some reason, she decided to share it with her followers on Instagram.

Tori Roloff is the wife of Zach Roloff and both are reality stars in the show Little People Big World. This popular show has spawned many viewers and for that reason, Tori has a big following on social media. This means a lot of folks got a gander at little Jackson covered in poop.

No Parent-Shaming Here!

Putting that picture up online was risky for this mom as she’s been a target of parent-shaming in the past, reminds Yahoo News. Today fans see Tori as a breath of fresh air. What she posted was part of the human condition as real as real gets!

Tori is no stranger to the parent-shaming online as she’s been a target of this before. The Little People Big World star was bashed online when her husband Zach put Jackson on the tractor with him. She also caught scorn when viewers saw a stuffed animal in Jackson’s crib.

Tori’s attitude back then was basically to each his own. She told the parent shaming commenters that just because she does things differently than they do doesn’t mean she’s a bad parent. While this latest incident was gross and could conjure up a queasy stomach, it was far from the result of bad parenting.

Oh, and by the way… Tori has some advice for all the parents out there with toddlers. She suggests you never put your child to bed in just a diaper, which is what she contributes this mess too! Come back to Soap Dirt often for the latest Little People, Big World spoilers, recaps, and news.