TLC ‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Hair Bleaching Goes Wrong – Makes Drastic Change

TLC Unexpected star McKayla Adkins revealed a drastic hair transformation to her fans after some hair bleaching went horribly wrong. This isn’t the first time McKayla made changes to her appearance. She has been honest with fans about getting lip fillers. But, this change didn’t go as planned. After bleaching her hair, McKayla didn’t like how it looked. So, she took the chance to do something new. McKayla ditched the bleached look and went for a more fun look. Check out how McKayla’s hair looks like now.

TLC’s Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Changes Facial Feature

McKayla Adkins is a young mom who has a couple of children with her boyfriend Caelan Morrison. Being a mom is a lot of hard work. It also takes up a lot of a mother’s time. But, the Unexpected castmate does try to focus on herself once in a while. Even if that means making a few changes to her look. McKayla did not hide the fact that she had undergone a cosmetic procedure.

Last year, the Unexpected reality star took to the internet to share that she made changes to one of her facial features. McKayla Adkins said in a video that she got lip injections. She was happy with the results she got. Although, she did wish that the place where she got them done gave her more information about what type of injections she got. Now she is making another change.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

TLC Star’s Hair Makeover Goes Wrong

McKayla Adkins recently made a big change to her appearance. In an Instagram post, the Unexpected TLC alum wrote that she tried to bleach her hair. McKayla was hoping that her hair would come out with a nice blonde. However, that seemingly wasn’t what she got. She said that “it turned out ugly.”  She must have not got the color she was hoping for. Since she continued to make another change to her hair.

The Unexpected cast member didn’t like the color of her hair after bleaching it. However, McKayla Adkins was determined to turn the bad situation around. So, she thought she could fix her hair by using more hair dye. But, the color she chose is far from the bleach blonde she began with.

Unexpected Celeb Fixes Hair with Fun Colored Dye

McKayla Adkins took the opportunity to do something fun with her hair. She decided to dye her hair purple. The Unexpected young mother took to Instagram to share a picture of her new look. It wasn’t the look she initially was going for. But, fans seem to love McKayla’s new hair.

Fans of the Unexpected alum showed McKayla Adkins some much needed love online. Many fans left comments on her post about her purple hair. One fan wrote that the bleach mishap “definitely worked out in your favor.” While another viewer wrote that McKayla is “beautiful no matter what.” Purple isn’t a color many people would choose to dye their hair. It would be interesting to find out what Caelan Morrison thinks about his girlfriend McKayla’s new hairdo.

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