TLC ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Who is Whitney Thore’s Boyfriend Chase Severino?

This season on TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney Way Thore‘s falling for her hunky new boyfriend Chase Severino. And, if you follow her on social, you know Chase proposed to Whitney in Paris last year. But, who’s this guy that won Whitney’s heart and how does he fit into her life and plans for her future? Here’s some tidbits about Chase Severino.

Who is Chase Severino and How Did He Meet Whitney Thore – My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Whitney Thore met Chase Severino through mutual friend Ryan Andreas. He’s her partner in the NoBS Active, their subscription-based fitness program. And Ryan went to college with Chase Severino at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. So, Ryan introduced Whitney and Chase.

But who’s this guy really we’re meeting on My Big Fat Fabulous Life? First of all, his name’s not really Chase. His real name is Casey Patrick Severino and he’s 29 years old. What’s also interesting is that his degree is in Accounting and Finance and he’s got a very buttoned-up past.

You can see in the photo below his before and after. When we meet Chase first getting with Whitney Thore on My Big Fat Fabulous Life that he’s long-haired and hippy-looking. But before that, he was clean-shaven, with a short haircut and an auditor job at the NC revenue department.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Chase Severino

From Accountant to Nightclubs – Chase Severino Got a Life Makeover?

Chase Severino’s backstory seems interesting as he’s gone from a buttoned-up accountant to something little more free-wheeling. When we see him on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Chase rocks long hair and a fun, laid-back attitude.

But you can see above that Chase looked totally different before. Now, we’re seeing lots more in Season 7 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life as Chase Severino romances Whitney Way Thore. According to his LinkedIn, he left the accounting field and moved into hospitality.

Now, Chase Severino’s reportedly managing a nightclub in the college district in Wilmington, NC. While all this unfolds on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, they first went public on social media on April 2019 and then he proposed to Whitney Thore in Paris six months later.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Chase Severino

What’s Next for Whitney & Fiance? She Promises Not to be Bridezilla

Talking about Chase Severino, Whitney Thore said: “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a really long time”. She says she didn’t know if she was “ready to be engaged” until he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him on My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Also, Whitney Way Thore welcomes fans to join her on the journey as she plans her wedding. And, she vowed that she “won’t be a Bridezilla”. Then, she low-key dissed her mom Barbara Thore with a smile saying “if anyone’s going to cause problems, it’ll definitely be Babs”.

Also, it looks like we’ll be learning a lot more about who Chase Severino is this season on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. And, Whitney Thore said fans will get to watch her wedding. So, it sounds like TLC cameras will roll on Chase Severino and Whitney Thore’s wedding day.

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