TLC ’90 Day Fiance’ Exclusive: Meet Blake Abelard’s First Wife – Does Jasmin Lahtinen Know?

TLC’s 90 Day Fiance hasn’t mentioned Blake Abelard‘s first wife. So, did he tell Jasmin Lahtinen he had another wife? The reality show has Blake and Jasmin bickering over his friends but haven’t mentioned he was previously married. We’ve got exclusive details about wife one for you. But, how much does Jasmin know about Blake’s ex – and why is TLC keeping this under wraps?

Blake Abelard’s Had More Than One 90 Day Fiance – First Wife From Overseas Too

Remember, Blake Abelard said he wasn’t looking for a foreigner to date when he found Jasmin Lahtinen online. That could be because he’s already done the foreign wife route and was just coming off a divorce from his Israeli wife shortly before he met Jasmin.

Soap Dirt dug up the timeline for his former 90 Day Fiance journey and it seems this is not his first go-round with a woman from another land. What we know is that Blake Abelard’s first spouse got her SSN in California in 2010. Then, she married the aspiring rapper and they stayed hitched for four years.

They divorced in 2014. But, since K-1 visa records are private we cannot confirm whether Blake’s first wife emigrated to the US as a 90 Day Fiance. But her social security number issued in California much later than her birth, so we can say with certainty that’s when she moved from Israel to America.

Update: Blake Abelard finally spoke out about wife #1 and says they went to high school together.

90 Day Fiance: Blake Abelard - First Wife - Divorce

Why Hasn’t TLC – or Jasmin Lahtinen – Mentioned Blake’s Past Marriage?

Usually, 90 Day Fiance likes to bring up drama from people’s pasts. For instance, on this season, Sasha Larin’s ex-wives and baby mamas are hot topics of conversation. So, why hasn’t the reality show mentioned that Blake Abelard has an ex-wife. And whether he brought her to the US like he did Jasmin…

Perhaps, Jasmin Lahtinen knows all about his ex-spouse and their conversations just never made it into a 90 Day Fiance episode. Because, Jasmin and Blake’s marriage license/certificate confirms that he was married before. And, it also confirms his divorce. (See above) So, TLC must also know.

Also, a set source tells us that the “drama” with Jasmin and Blake’s friends is all scripted. As we’ve reported before Jasmin Lahtinen’s been in LA many times visiting him and her sister. No doubt, she met his friends a long time ago without 90 Day Fiance cameras there.

90 Day Fiance: Blake Abelard - First Wife

Meet Blake Abelard’s 1st Wife – All the Details TLC’s 90 Day Fiance Held Back

First, Soap Dirt knows all about Blake Abelard’s first wifey. But, she’s not appearing on 90 Day Fiance. So, we won’t release her name. However, there’s a lot we can tell you. First, she’s from Israel and is a year younger than Blake making her a year older than Jasmin Lahtinen.

Second, she started law school the same year that she and Blake Abelard divorced (2014) and completed it in 2017. Then, the ex-wife of the 90 Day Fiance star went to work clerking for a District Attorney in California. And now, she’s a private practice lawyer.

Third, the two lived together with relatives of his in California. Later, they lived as man and wife a short 15-minute drive from where he and Jasmin Lahtinen make their home. That makes you wonder if Blake Abelard’s family allowed his first 90 Day Fiance to live with them before marriage. Since they set those strict rules for Jasmin and Blake this go-round…

So, how much of this does Jasmin Lahtinen know about Blake Abelard’s past with another international wife? As we reported before, Blake married Jasmin three months ago, five years after his divorce was final from wife #1. Watch for more on them on TLC’s new episodes Sunday nights.

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