‘Tiger King’: Joe Exotic Shares a Shocking Change of Heart from Prison

Tiger King‘s Joe Exotic shared his first interview after being locked up. Joe has been in jail for over a year now and he’s decided to speak out. Most importantly, with the wild popularity of the Netflix show, he wants his 15 minutes of fame. Not only that, but he’s also had a change of heart about what his mission is in life. He talks about Dillon who is his latest husband and more.

Tiger King Update: Joe Exotic Says He’s Excited About the Hit Show

Tiger King on Netflix is sweeping the internet. Many people say they never knew they were missing a gay, gun-toting red neck, tiger owner in their lives until they saw Tiger King on Netflix. When the interviewer asks Joe about how he feels about the popularity of the show, he says he was excited about it. And he said he wishes he could see himself being famous out there, however, all he gets to see are the same four walls.

Those that know Joe Exotic say his long time dream has always been to be famous. From his animal antics to his love of younger men, people can’t take their eyes off the show. When fans learned there would be a cameo of the show, people shared their excitement online.

Tiger King: Joe Exotic

Joe Says There’s No More Carole Baskin Saga for Him

One of the major things viewers see on the Tiger King show is how much Joe Exotic is against Big Cat Rescue’s Carole Baskin. Throughout the filming of the docuseries, he says he wishes she was dead, calls her his greatest enemy and many other things. He even goes as far as taking a blow-up doll, putting an adult object in its mouth and shooting it in the head.

Joe Exotic says he’s on a new mission, so he’s not going after the Carole saga anymore. That new mission is to free himself and take away all charges. Joe still maintains his innocence through this time and hopes to get out of jail.

Tiger King: Joe Exotic

Tiger King Feels Bad for Animals in Cages

Most importantly there is one thing he wants people watching Tiger King on Netflix to know Joe says. He said he wants people to know that he feels bad for the cages his animals had to live in. He says he had to send his chimpanzees to an animal shelter. And he just imagines them in the cages and thinks everyone should go live in a cage with their animals to see how it is.

Many wonder if Joe Exotic will still keep tigers if he does get out of jail. Will he stay the Tiger King? Or will he opt out of cages and find something else to do with his husband Dillon. Since according to Joe, Dillon still stands beside him it seems he still has a partner to come home to.

Fans of Tiger King are showing more interest in freeing Joe Exotic. In fact, many use the hashtag #freejoe or #freejoeexotic to get attention to his cause.

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