‘Tiger King’: Carole Baskin’s Husband Invites Kim Kardashian to Visit Big Cat Rescue

Tiger King on Netflix has the strangest way of connecting people. How would Carole Baskin and Kim Kardashian ever fit into the same sentence? The wildly popular docuseries is holding its top spot on the widely-used streaming platform for its second week in a row. And celebs like Kim Kardashian are weighing in.

Netflix’s Tiger King: Kim Kardashian Asks If Fans Think Carole Baskin Killed Her Husband

Kim Kardashian tweeted about Tiger King a short time ago. When that tweet went out, fans started to blow up her phone with messages with their opinions. Kim shared that fans were very interested in who killed Carole’s 2nd husband Don Lewis and said most of the messages said Carole Baskin did kill her husband.

After the first tweet and all the messages, Kim sent out another tweet to ask the rest of her followers what they thought. Not only did Kim get a bunch of messages that Carole did the dead, but many want her and The Justice Project to take on Joe Exotic’s case and get him out of jail.

Tiger King: Kim Kardashian

Carole Baskin’s Husband Howard Says Kim Kardashian Should Spend an Hour With Carole

Carole Baskin’s 3rd husband, Howard Baskin, says he doubt Kim will ever get his invite. But, he would love to have her come out. Howard was doing a video to talk about how Carole is innocent of killing her husband. He also spoke out about how the Netflix docuseries Tiger King didn’t do them justice at all.

Howard Baskin says that if anyone were to spend an hour with Carole Baskin, they would quickly see that she couldn’t be guilty of killing her Don Lewis, her 2nd husband. Howard said that while not everyone could come and spend an hour with Carole, that they would love to have Kim come down.

Tiger King: Joe Exotic

Will Kim Go to Florida to See the Star Couple from Tiger King?

While Howard invited Kim to come down to Big Cat Rescue, will see the invite? And would she even go down to Florida to meet the cat queen Carole Baskin and her husband? While Tiger King cast member Howard invites Kim to come to visit, fans say she should help free Joe.

Tiger King fans are tweeting and telling Kim to help Joe get out of jail. Some want to see Joe Exotic featured on her Oxygen show. Other fans are tweeting and saying Kim should not go because it is a trap. And to look out for the sardine oil.

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