‘The Voice’: Kelly Clarkson Embraces No-Glam Quarantine and Predicts Winners

The Voice‘s Kelly Clarkson is embracing her new no-glam quarantine look at her ranch in Montana. The family grabbed their things and hurried off to their quiet space when show production shut down. How is Kelly doing with the quarantine? Read this article to find out more.

The Voice: Kelly Clarkson’s No-Glam Look Is Working for Her

Kelly Clarkson said that this is what she looks like without her glam squad. Even though Kelly appears very different, fans are loving the clean fresh face. So far she’s appeared in her bathroom a couple of times. And once she was even wearing a hat.

Kelly Clarkson says her Montana cabin is really small. And the only place she has to go to get away from her family to record video is in the bathroom. But thankfully, her voice sounds amazing in there. Kelly said she used to sing for a long time in the shower and her mom would tell her to get out and stop wasting the water. When she was taping she coughed and said she didn’t know how to edit it.

Not only is Kelly’s look no-glam. Now her videos are not edited.

The Voice: Kelly Clarkson

The Voice: Who Is Going to Win Season 18?

Kelly Clarkson has her thoughts about who will win The Voice season 18. She put some of her best team members head to head on the battle season. Anaya Cheyenne and Chelle-Martin Garrix battled singing Dua Lipa’s Scared to Be Lonely.

Chelle didn’t quite bring it home and Kelly was quick to choose Anaya saying that she could go all the way in the competition. Kelly says Anaya has the most amazing range. A range that Kelly herself had to work very hard to get.

The Voice: Kelly Clarkson - Dua Lipa

Kelly Clarkson Is Optimistic Even After Her Fail

During the last episode of The Voice, she tried to steal one of Blake’s singers. She hit the steal, got up, and hugged the performer. What she didn’t notice is that Blake Shelton had already hit the save button. The save outweighs the steal button. She didn’t get to take the cake from Blake.

Despite the frustrating setback and a little embarrassment, Kelly is still optimistic. She fully plans on winning the whole competition. Now that The Voice is suspended, we may have to wait to find out what is going to happen until after things get back to normal after COVID-19.

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