‘The Voice’: Katie Kadan Season 17 Contestant – Where Is She Now?

The Voice‘s Katie Kadan rocked season 17. Her unique voice still lingers with fans. Her take on the Rolling in the Deep from Adele and Lady Marmalade from LaBelle made fans fall in love with her voice and soul. Where is this sassy queen of music now? Where Katie is now.

The Voice: Katie Kadan Continues to Wow Fans

Katie’s story didn’t stop at The Voice. She continues to draw crowds and make big moves even after the show. From her performance at the Panther’s halftime game to big crowds at House of Blues in Chicago. The good times keep rolling for Katie.

Whether you’re looking for a voice to make you feel chills with its deep emotion. Or if you want a voice to make you get up and dance — Katie is your lady. If you head over to her Instagram, you’ll find her playing with her Mom who plays the guitar.

The Voice: Katie Kadan

Katie Calls The Voice Crew Family

It’s obvious that The Voice is a competition, but is it all claws out? Katie enjoyed a photo op with Jake Hoot and Ricky Duran, also from season 17, at the Panther’s game where they performed. She called them Voice fam.

Many of these contests start out as a group of strangers that couldn’t care less about each other. By the end of the show and having spent time together and experienced the same thing — these competitors are now closer than many long-time friends.

The show isn’t just a place to try to win $100,000. It is also a place to forge long-time connections. Many contestants that don’t win still go on to have great careers. It looks like Katie is one of the ones that is working hard to make it happen.

The Voice: Katie Kadan - Jake Hoot - Ricky Duran

What’s Next for Katie Kadan?

The Voice singer Katie Kadan is sharing songs on her Instagram videos. She does have some tour dates in mind for the future. Until the COVID-19 quarantine is over, she’s staying put in her home and sharing online.

After COVID-19 is no longer an issue, she will be back to sharing her talent with live audiences. Until then, you can show your support for her music by visiting her Instagram or listening to music on her official website. She’s got a lot of heart and she isn’t letting the quarantine weigh on her spirit as you’ll be able to see from her light-hearted and fun videos.

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