‘The Voice’: Gigi Hess and Micah Iverson a Hot Couple Kelly Clarkson Says

The Voice‘s Gigi Hess and Micah Iverson brought the house down during the battle. Their chemistry was obvious during rehearsals, but fans had no idea what they were in for. The battle raised some interesting questions about the sparks that fly between these two. Kelly Clarkson stoked the fire as well with her comments.

The Voice: Kelly Clarkson Thinks Gigi Hess & Micah Iverson Should Date

Was The Voice‘s Kelly Clarkson teasing us with news when she said Micah Iverson and Gigi Hess should date? Fans look for any shred of hope that the two killer singers are together and in love. But there are no signs these two took Kelly’s advice and start seeing each other.

Some fans of The Voice believe they can’t put their relationship online yet because of the show. But others believe Kelly was wrong on this one and that the two went their own ways and parted as friends. When they left the stage after the battle, it sounded like they both said “I love you” fans say. But maybe they were hearing what they wanted to hear?

The Voice: Kelly Clarkson

Micah Iverson Sings to Gigi Hess Like He Means It on the Voice

If you didn’t see this episode of The Voice yet, once you watch it, you’ll see why fans say it looks like Micah means it. When he sings his song to Gigi, you can see his emotion and almost see tears coming to his eyes. Is there true emotion there fans wonder? If there wasn’t true emotion there, viewers say they could make it as actors as well.

The song Someone You Loved was the perfect song for these two. And more people would be more than happy to hear them singing together again. While The Voice fans would love to see Gigi and Micah dating as much as Kelly Clarkson, they say they will settle for seeing them sing together again.

The Voice: Micah Iverson - Gigi Hess

Will Micah Make It and Win the Whole Show?

When The Voice‘s Micah Iverson was chosen over Gigi Hess, he said Gigi twice in his recap. He said that he was excited that he had been picked over Gigi because Gigi is so talented. But just because Micah Iverson thinks Gigi Hess is talented, that doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to go all the way to win the competition.

Fans think he can make to the final rounds and Kelly, the couch of team estrogen is saying he could make it. America is waiting and hoping the show will be able to go on soon.

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